Please give more benefit from allied with tribal faction.

Started by khun_poo, November 06, 2018, 07:17:08 AM

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Compare to Outlander allied. Allied with tribal seem lack in every way. They don't have gun, their bulk trader don't have component or neutroamine and they can't call for immediately aid.

So, IMO call for aid maybe have them come a bit late (6 hour to 1 day maybe?) or add something special to them differently. For example, asking a them to aid your caravan instead of your base when your far away caravan got overwhelm from ambush on world map or when going to raid outpost.

Thank you for reading.


In my richer games, i make heavy use of their shaman merchants to buy psychic artifacts.  Shock and insanity lances are awesome for dealing with triple/doomsday rocket launcher pirates.  animal pulsar is a bit less useful, but if you don't keep pets, you can pop one during a big raid to effectively neutralize it. 

I just wish they carried something for mechanoids...


Maybe tribal allies could bring tamed combat-ready animals as their special feature?