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Author Topic: [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)  (Read 30792 times)


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Re: [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2019, 06:38:41 AM »

thanks for the ansver :)

it sucks i cant live without HSK as my base... soo manney other mods dont play nice with it.



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Re: [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)
« Reply #31 on: May 17, 2019, 02:51:24 AM »

maybe a bug.
I run out of RU at the ship and was unable to craft new ones at the EDSN transponder.
I could create the bills, but the pawn's just took omnigel/steel to the transponder and didn't do anything.

Some feedback, you need 50 steel or 50 omnigel for 50 Resource units. But shouldn't omnigel a bit more potent then steel ?

After i manualy placed some RU next to the transponde and they got beamed up, the crafting at the transpoder worked like before.

And i would like to see a mobile version of the transponder. So i can use the transporter on caravans.
Special on 1-2 man caravans and transport the pawn on the destination map. But the current transponder (50kg + 20kg battery) are too heavy for this without addional packanimals.
I think after the ship got stabilized and back at the orbit, a smaller transpoder should be possible.


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Re: [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)
« Reply #32 on: July 15, 2019, 08:56:32 AM »

@Jaxxa Can we get a quick rundown on the status of the mod?
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Re: [1.0] ED-Prometheus - - (2019-01-20)
« Reply #33 on: July 30, 2019, 10:53:16 AM »

I must say, I really miss the SIF generator and the small generator. Being able to have shields that protected just the walls and embrasures was rather nice. And having a shield you could stand on made making a smaller bunker possible when tunnelers opened up a new way into your base.

The Vertical and at least two horizontal shields upgrades are needed to remake the old fortress shields too. Not counting the capacity upgrades. Thankfully you can put an IFF upgrade on it to stop having to continually turn off the things to get drop pods though.

The framework you changed the mod to is strange in many respects. I can't see why you still have most of the steps in the research bench for one thing. The fact that you used a battery to send power up to the ship is also somewhat annoying, as it shorts out in the rain if you didn't know to move it like I did the first time. The explosion was not fun.

I also miss being able to just make the generators. The new way is cheaper, but a bit slower. Especially since the RU transfer is a crafting task, and my crafters are generally very busy.

Oh and a warning to people using the laser targeting beacon for the first time. When it says that it might start fires, it really will start fires. And if you are building out your generators like I do, those fires can and will spread through your entire geothermal vent system. I lost my entire power structure like that, because you can't stand on geothermal generators if the fire gets into the central blocks. So many wasted components...

Not to say that every change was bad by any means, I do like the IFF upgrades, and the mechanics are interesting once you get used to the somewhat clunky interface. I just wish that some of the old things were still in.

All together, I have to say that it was certainly different from the early versions. This new version has a lot of interesting mechanics that are hindered by small design flaws, and the occasional typo. The items that didn't make the jump are sadly missed, but the added flexibility of the upgrade system makes up for that in many ways.

As a suggestion, I would absolutely love it if you were to make an upgrade that allowed you to shape the shield. Not larger or smaller, but instead offset the field's center, and allow you to make it narrower, allowing you to cover a wider wall, without having a huge area in front of said wall that enemies can walk under to bypass your shields entirely.
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