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Author Topic: Real-life Rimworld story  (Read 226 times)


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Real-life Rimworld story
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:45:00 PM »

Slightly off topic but thought it might be entertaining: I feel like I relived a real-life Rimworld event recently. So my wife and I live in a 2-bedroom colony apartment with 2 cats. Two out of town guests are visiting us so we let them stay in one of the bedrooms for the duration of stay. Then my wife and I leave for an errand.

Meanwhile while we are gone, they settle in and decide to clean apartment since they generated some mess while moving in. While vacuuming our bedroom, they slightly punch wall which caves in and tons and tons of pissed off wasps pour into the room. Guests sustain a lot of bites but manage to capture cats, evacuate, and seal the room.

My wife and I return and are horrified by all this: our bedroom is full of pissed off wasps, guests are covered in bites, cats are safe for now and locked in restroom. Exterminator arrives and assures us that we don't have to burn down the building. She applies poison tells us to wait several days and leaves. But we still want to use the room. So we wait until it gets dark so that bugs become calmer, I dress up in all my winter mountain gear and go in with duct tape and start quickly sealing the hole while second person behind me is vacuuming any bugs that attempt to jump on me. Eventually mission is accomplished, everyone has pretty big mood penalty, somewhat improved by our beer stockpile (although with our luck one of the guests has a Teetotaler trait).

After this story, Rimworld infestation events have never been more relatable. ;D I hope we are not going to have manhunting turtles next (although with all the food we have stashed at home, we are much more equipped to handle that).