toxic fallout is as bad as the old tornado

Started by LoSboccacc, November 30, 2018, 04:24:16 AM

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excuse me what the fuck?

who thought one week of unchallengable poisoning was good gameplay?


One week? You're a lucky one. I had the whole harvest season poisoned and barely made it through the winter with lots of roofs and gasmasks  ;)


I must be the only one in the entire community that likes toxic fallout events.
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I never got how pawns in the game could have such insanely bad reactions to such mundane things.
Then I came to the forums.


Quote from: LoSboccacc on November 30, 2018, 04:24:16 AM
excuse me what the fuck?

who thought one week of unchallengable poisoning was good gameplay?
Why do you think it is unchallengable ?

What did all the people did at the Fukushima accident ?
They grab their things they can carry and moved away.
Once the fallout is gone, you can return to that base.
As none tribal, you should roof your growing area, build sunlamps below and keep your job.


Toxic Fallout aren't no giant biggies or issues unless it's early if randy thinks it's funny to throw right away in day 25...

Since my first one i was frustrated at first and forced one my colonist to butcher one of their pets. (Luckily he was a psychopath and didn't care about it.)

However if you know about building roofs with supports and know about zoning so that your colonists stay in their zone not to wander around in the toxic fallout it ain't super bad if you had a large farm full of rice and food in the freezer.

I recommend when a toxic fallout happens now or might happen. I do these things...

  • Make the freezer larger to store more food.
  • Hunt all the animals in the toxic fallout already when it starts since they instantly rot when they get toxic buildup when they die.
  • Roof the zones where colonists will go to like traffic areas and such.
  • Research hydroponics or build a large farms indoors with sunlamps or both.
  • Keep an area unroofed when people start getting cabin fever or set their area to unrestricted for a while. Colonists with the Undergrounder Trait don't care about cabin fever & is completely alien to them.
  • Make a large farm filled with potatoes, corn or rice for preparation for a toxic fallout.
These are the things i got... But if you live in a Mountain Colony with Colonists who don't care about cabin fever, then follow steps 1,2,4 and 6... If a toxic fallout lasts for like a month, it ain't the end of the world since traders like bulk goods still can be called with food in their hands if you are rich in silver and plus manhunter packs for free meat if they aren't in the open air with toxic clouds since they can rot instantly.....

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Old tornado had no counterplay at all, especially on flat maps.

I don't see how toxic fallout is analogous, even for tribal after a year or so.


Quote from: 5thHorseman on November 30, 2018, 06:47:41 AM
I must be the only one in the entire community that likes toxic fallout events.
I too love the toxic fallout event.


IMO it's annoying to get it early on, but it's hardly a gamebreaker and isn't even close to the most micro-intensive thing to dealt with.


Really annoying on boreal because the trees never really grow back.


That's my complaint too, it turns every biome into boring.  Maybe if it caused mutant trees and wildlife to show up afterwards it'd be more interesting.  But if you're greenhousing in a cold climate already it's almost irrelevant.

BTW, gas masks?  Is the OP using a mod or does 1.0 have some features I don't know about?
If you give an annoying colonist a parka before banishing him to the ice sheet you'll only get a -3 penalty instead of -5.

And don't forget that the pirates chasing a refugee are often better recruits than the refugee is.


I think it's great for spicing things up.

The first time I had toxic fall out was after a long period of volcanic winter. Since my food supplies were running low we immediately "bugged out." I.E. we abandoned the base and set up a new base next store. This is a survival game, it makes perfect sense that there might be situations where you need to bug out. Heck, I'd vote for a crazy forest fire type event to balance against the easiness of temperate forests.

The second time I had plenty of food stored up so I just built as much roofing as I could and made the roofed in areas a zone for my pawns to stay in. Of course, my kill box wasn't roofed so when there was a raid I foolishly decided not to use my kill box and took some serious casualties in the process.


The counter to toxic fallout is building a roof. Which takes zero resources. And once you get the notification about it you should start hunting every single animal on the map, starting with the biggest ones. Then make the meat into pemmican or freeze the meat. Then you zone every where inside your base, extend some roofing and then keep everyone under a roof for a while. A little bit of toxic fallout won't have any lasting effects. And if you are really struggling, build some turrets, power them up (and power everything else down) and take a vacation 1 tiles over.

Toxic fallout only affects your one tile, but moving over one tile with a caravan and you are safe from anything going on in your primary base.


I like this event when it doesn't trigger early in colony.  And since you can play it, it's not like tornado at all.


Agreed.  Apart from Randy popping it on you very early, it's nothing like the tornado; there's nothing arbitrary about your survival.
Thanks, belgord!


Yep, even if it went on constantly, you could still send out caravans to hunt food elsewhere and haul back carcasses, even set up a food work camp if you had to, or a farm on another area...

they are scary events sometimes, but nothing like a tornado.