[1.0] - Animal Husbandry (SKHardcore and Vanilla)

Started by MightyGooga, August 08, 2017, 10:16:23 PM

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Butchering table.
I suggest the HelpTab mod, then you can search for item and their recipes.


Sorry for posting the same thing twice. And thank you very much. Next time I open Rimworld I will check immediately.  thank you again!  :D


People! If I need universal fermenter to update my mod. But im not sure if there is anyone working on it. Im waiting, as soon as we get it Ill update.


Moderator, can you please remove Outdated tag? Thanks


Wow, I dont know what to do. My mod is updated but i cant get it to go to release channel. Should I just send a message to moderator?


Yes, send a msg. or use Report to Moderator function.
Alternativ just Modify your first posting, copy all. Create a new topic and paste it there.


Yes, you should try doing that...

Your mod should be moved back to Mod Release forums. ;)

EDIT: Cool it's back in Release forums!

One "happy family" in the rims...
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Hey, thanks for creating this mod and eventually updating vanilla as well.