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The Moment It All Went Wrong (Twitch Highlight)


So I've ventured into the world of Live Streaming RimWorld...

It was going well... Can we hit 1mil wealth in the Jungle... hit 600k... then it all went wrong...

Check it out :D


Can we recover? Episode 5.7 tomorrow!

New Live Streams every day, feel free to follow if you enjoy ;)


It went wrong again :') 245 Angry Insects

Holy shit why are you getting such massive nubmers of pawns to attack? :o

I'm confused. How are you getting infestations in the Jungle?

And that is why i fill in the Caves walls so i prevent them bugs and infestations from coming out... Even when i just mined them for Metal...

You know i would have placed Coolers and make them set to Freezing Temperatures in the Tomb, not just to prevent the Infestations from jumping out...

But also to keep the Dead Colonists inside the Sarcophagi and keep their bodies still fresh and not turned into skeletons... So that they can be revived with the Mech Resurrector... ;)


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