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Author Topic: Survivors of Berenice  (Read 431 times)


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Survivors of Berenice
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:38:49 AM »

Hello guys!

Rimworld has been in my sights for a long, long time - and since I finally got it on Christmas, I just can't stop playing. Obviously, I decided to try myself in writing some sort of an After Action Report for my colony (at least the one that survived some time without a spontaneous collapse after a few days) - and here we go!

I'm playing the Crashlanded scenario, with a bunch of mods (I'm a Kerbal Space Program player, we cannot live with stock game).

EDIT: Oh, and a few technical notes: I picked Cassandra as the storyteller. Game is on medium difficulty, I toyed a bit with planet settings to make it a dry world with high temperature differences. So far I played ~3 years, dunno if I'm going to go for the starship ending or some personal goal... We'll see. :)



Nobody knows what happened. Maybe it was a meteor storm. Maybe one solar flare too many managed to burn through last layers of shield plating and fried some crucial piece of equipment. Maybe some other, unfathomable reason. What is known, however, is that Berenice, an interstellar cryoship en route to the Valbar system, suffered a critical malfunction that doomed her fate.

Faced imminent life support failure, the ships navicomputer made one final burn, setting course for the nearest habitable planet. Emergency rescue system has been activated, waking the passengers up and transferring their cryopods into reinforced dropships.

A fiery rain shone on the blue skies, as Berenice disintegrated, torn to shreds upon reentry.

* * *


My. Fucking. God.
No, this doesn’t sound right. Get yourself together.
Berenice is gone. Or at least, that’s what I assume - I awoke in my cryopod already on the ground, head spinning and system refusing to accept the awakening.
Around me two other pods landed, their cascets blown away by impact. Luckily, emergency survival packs were in place as well. I need to go through their contents once more - but it should be enough to sustain us for the time being.
And above all else, Milo is alright. We didn’t sign up for the same mission only to see one of us die off before we even reach Tever Ett. Well, it seems we won’t reach Tever anyway, after all. But at least we’re still together. That’s a lot.
I decided to begin this audolog as a sort of chronicle. To keep record of events to come - and, hopefully, to serve as memoir once we get out of this planet. No idea how long will this last - but at least this way, we can leave our mark here. One way or another.
Amelia Falis, signing off.

COLONY LOG #002 [T+1]

Amelia decided it’d be a good thing to turn this log into a combined effort. Something about sharing perspectives and getting a broader picture, which we can use it to our benefit. Can’t hurt, I guess. It’s not that this recording takes a long to make, anyway.
We used some of emergency supplies to build a temporary shelter. A tin roof and some wooden walls to keep the rain out. Luckily, there’s a whole mountain to use just south to the landing zone, so there’s plenty of space to set up camp. Plus, there’s a river flowing into a cave just nearby, which makes for a good place to wash and do stuff.
Honestly, I feel much better sleeping next to a stone wall, instead of those two inchest of steel separating me from the void of space. Reminds me of my old home. Sort of.
Anyway, the plan for now is simple; dig in, set up a temporary camp, gather supplies and look for the nearest civilized place to contact the Union from.
Welp, no point in flapping gums now. Better get down to work. At least the rock here is mostly limestone, makes for an easy material to work with.

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Re: Survivors of Berenice
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 01:15:34 PM »

Digging deeper

For Amelia, life came in two flavours.

One was the sharp, caustic scent of high-yield explosives, mixed with the anxious anticipation that permeated the air on the battlefield. Every day could have been your last, every breath your final. A disjointed cacophony of fire, mud, metal and death, speeding past with little rhyme or reason.

The other was the stale, dull smell of reprocessed air filling a starship’s interior. Each breath shared with thousands of lungs, each hour identical to the previous ones. Everything melting into a constant stream of time, without any notable events to distinguish between passing hours, days, weeks. And years - sometimes decades - of cryosleep.

Now she found herself in a situation unlike either of those alternatives; crashed on a distant planet, her world turned into a sunburnt sea of grass, interspersed with islands of stone and rock. The sight of vegetation, rippling in the wind, lulled her into a sense of security - gave her an illusion of static serenity, as timeless as her stay onboard Berenice. But at the same time she found herself dirtside far too many times to buy into this false feeling; the danger would come, sooner or later. They needed to be ready.

She just wished there was someone around to give orders. To give her a sense of structure and security. Constructing or blowing stuff up required focus on details and absolute concentration - not  grasping the larger picture, being distracted by any larger scheme of things.

But someone had to take helm. And, as ill-suited as she felt, there was no one else more fitting for that role.

* * *

COLONY LOG #003 [T+2]

That’s weird. We struck a vein of some dense metal. I’d need some actual equipment to determine the exact composition, but my best guess is some durable alloy. It sure as hell ain’t regular steel, the colour and chunk weight ain’t right. Milo told me to get some samples, he hopes they can be used to manufacture stuff we'd need in the future. Well, I’m not complaining. Alloy or rock - now it's just rubble we need to get out of our way.
Amelia set up a small stonecutting workshop in the antechamber and plans to start manufacturing us some basic utilities. To be honest, I start feeling like I'm back home. Except for you don’t get spaced out if you screw up cycling the airlock.
Anyway, the plan for nearest future is simple; get the base corridor done, set up stockpile, have a place to wait out storms and whatever this planet throws at us. Can't be that hard, right?

COLONY LOG #004 [T+2]

Between Amelia’s preparations and Perry’s excavations, there is still an uncountable amount of things to be done here. We know next to nothing about this planet, and such ignorance can be our downfall here. That is why, with sis- I mean, Amelia’s permission, I decided to enhance our log by contributing some of my research here. It’s easier to best a threat you are aware of, at the very least.

Planet Notes #01: Landing Zone
The Planet (I shall use this moniker until we manage to determine its official/popular name) appears to be a textbook Rimworld, terraformed in space antiquity and settled millenia ago; atmosphere and gravity are within comfortable limits for human habitation. The local biome is dry, but not arid; vegetation is sparse, dominated by bushes and grass, fauna relatively plentiful. All rougly consistent with Earth-based life forms we had catalogued in Berenice's database.
More data is required to properly predict climate and weather patterns; so far, temperature average throughout the first two days was around 28 C. Soil is dried out, without signs of any significant rainfall, but I think with proper care, we can set up actual agriculture here. I wish I had some aerial (or orbital) photos of the surface - it would help me a lot to eyeball weather patterns and guess where to look for other people... But you have to work with what you have.