Started by Lemniscate_Mike, July 16, 2014, 07:02:30 PM

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That's my only suggestion so far. I've read about the world stuff, the weather, physic drone fix, and now a new tree graphic?
Please Ty, release what you have been doing. . . A little update is all I'm askin'. We could help find the bugs and what not of your current build.




Tynan is epic from what I've seen, just shoot off a suggestion, and if it makes sense he'll put it in within a few months.

I would like to see lots of updates, but seeing as though its more or less monthly not yearly I'm rather happy.

Also isn't Tynan on vacation?
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Quote from: bjo0rn on July 16, 2014, 07:13:34 PM
Bad suggestion.

<_< Best suggestion.

Yeah, I've noticed how he is around the forums. Good stuff. And if he is, then nevermind for now! I always wish for more updates for games though... Like, right now, even MineCraft isn't updated enough. . . and that's usually every Wednesday. *sigh*

More or less though, what he's doing with actual worlds sounds fantastic!


Tynan always wanted to bring you the best he can do. He doesn't want to release half-baked Alphas. He'll release when he's done with it. Pushing him would only distract him and push the release further and further behind.

That's why it's a bad suggestion.
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Quote from: StorymasterQ on July 16, 2014, 11:01:11 PM
Tynan always wanted to bring you the best he can do. He doesn't want to release half-baked Alphas. He'll release when he's done with it.

This, half baked alphas for a game like this, my body would not be ready for it.


The last update was released 13 days ago. Having a couple hotfixes is already pretty traditional with him releasing almost monthly. So calm your buns, it'll come out when Ty feels it's ready. And until then we just have to wait and enjoy the current alpha.


Being impatient won't get it released earlier, Tynan & co work hard to get out stable updates and even then we get incidents like Alpha 3.
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Requests like this does not work and a new update will not be released faster by making thus kind of threads.

Locking this.


I can't just drop out raw code because it's buggy; it takes time and testing to stabilize builds before release. I'm fine with missing features or imbalances in the game, but game-killing bugs are unacceptable to me even in an alpha. And I hate doing hotfixes up to version F.
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