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  • July 13, 2020, 01:58:36 PM
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Author Topic: [1.1] Mineralogy and jewel art (wip)  (Read 244 times)


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[1.1] Mineralogy and jewel art (wip)
« on: June 16, 2020, 08:22:59 AM »


For some time I have been working on jewelcrafting and mineralogy mod. It started simple, as more furniture colors and gems, just for myself, but I quickly realised I can add more features as well.

Suddenly Jewelry mod from Oskar Potocki and Kikohi was released with features I wanted to add. And there were also some mods with gems. But I didn't give up. What I want to do is not simple jewelery but all the things that humanity is making from minerals and stones. And I really love minerals because geology was a part of my studies.
It's my first big mod and also first post here. I'd like to share my work before uploading it and see if someone would like it.

Code by me (back to coding anything after maaany years, thanks Tynan ;] ).
All artwork also by me, from own or few free resources. I know my digital art has its own style but I tried my best to fit Rimworld style.


- 46 new gems
Their colors and types were carefully choosen to satisfy most demanding builders and players who like to have very colorful bases ;] Few gems are transluscent if used to build furnitures or walls.

common gems - can be found via deep drills or in deposites;
rare gems - can be found in stone chunks! Your colonists will have to crush stone chunk to find new gems. It's perfect way to clean up  colony from unwanted chunks;
more rare gem: cuprite - can be found in new bornite chunks;
even more rare gem: moissanite - expensive gem, can be found only in chondrite meteorites.
two new metals: copper - from bornite chunks along with cuprite crystals, platinum - extremely rare and expensive;
new stone: strange deposite, drops strange chunks...

lumenite - new Rimworld exclusive stone with a bit of geological background, lumenite stones shine with pale light, a bit similar to bioluminescent creatures. Can be mined or drilled.

- new research tab
including: mineralogy, cosmo-mineralogy, metalwork, advanced metalwork, gem cutting, inlay techniques, engraving, gilding, plating and dyeing

- new lumenite furnitures: beds, shelfs, end table, round table, big wardrobe and some small dressers, lumenite lantern, lumenite floor and small shiny tiles, lumenite walls
All lumenite furnitures shine. They have their own, exclusive arts. You can also build something from simple lumenite but in the process lumenite crystals loose their bioluminescent properties. Buildings made directly from lumenite are a bit transparent, what makes them also unique. Lumenite furnitures are boosting comfort and cleanliness attached to bed.

- new Goldsmith workbench

- new art buildings
bejeweled photo frames: with random art and frame with mask. I put some of my screenshots on them ;d
collectors pieces: made from crushing strange chunks! Collectors pieces are unique or strange mineral forms. They're so fancy that colonists decided to put them on display. There are four types: animal shaped crystals, fossils, strange color pieces and geodes. Art is also random but player can decide about pieces type.

mosaics: can be placed on floors like rugs. They're small but player can even make a bumalope-floored room!
new sarcofaguses: unlocked after engraving research
two plushies:  thrumbo and megabadger plushies are added as a furniture to boost comfort, but I think I will move them to other mod.

- new room type: The Nature Museum
In order to create it following conditions must be meet: few mineral collector pieces must be instaled in

- mood boosting jewelery
It was planned but due to fact that Oskar's Jewelry mod is already here, I'm still thinking how to implement this part of my mod. Aaaaand Oskar is much much more skilled digital artist than I am ;< His jewelry arts are so beautiful. So, for now, I added only two simple necklaces. But I thought about wedding rings, super expensive rings with diamond and moissanites or tiaras.

- carpets: unlocking after finishing dyeing research. Some of carpets colors are coresponding to gems colors. For centuries we were using minerals as dyes so I decided to add this feature to mod. Carpets are added to new menu, so they wouldn't take a whole screen with Expanded Floor mod (and other floor mods).
I didn't use any textures from Expanded Floors mod. I made my own with dog fur texture. They look similar because they use same effect and are based on Rimworld floor tiles. My tiles match Exp. Floor tiles, however hue and saturation of darker tiles are different. And I think there is a one pixel nudge between tiles... it only could be seen on very long carpets

- ancient danger rooms are now named as Ancient Mausoleums as long as ancient cryptosleep casket remains within. (do not forgeet to put doors in wall) Initially that was test if my museum-room would work properly but I decided to leave it in mod. I love the archeology and old treasure hunting feeling in Rimworld. In my test colony I have base in a big mountain and I found huge ancient danger chamber near rooms. I left it with caskets. It looks like museum/relic/monument/memory relic. Something ancient you can find in depths and you want to keep for next generations. Ancient danger is my favourite feature in Rimworld.

Some rooms I made with my mod during test play
(sample furnitures on screenshots are from: Gloomy Furniture, Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module, Expanded Floors, More Sculptures and Rimkea)
Lumenite light can also be used for making some kind of gradients on floors and buildings.

To do & work in progress:
- new type of joy/meditaion and boost: visiting nature museum and watching collection. Xml's are added but I still need to code and add this to assemblies. (Currently this is the only displayed error from this mod: missing reference to joy type). I still didn't decide if pawn could meditate at museum bench or just on meditation spot. And my museum is coded 'hard' (if adjacted thing is 'def' or 'def' this is museum). I tried with new building classes like in mausoleum room type but it didn't work good. I also thought about that this could be a good meditation spot for pawns with intelectual background and stories. I'm still new to c# coding, it will take some time.

- event with new animal: lumenite spelopede or spider. Those insects are living deep inside rocks so I thought they can also live in lumenite deposites and evolve in new species under the lumenite chem influence. Tameable with new magic fabric or leather.

- more bejeweled frame photos
- collector pieces arts
- collector pieces are too cheap
- collector pieces unique description maker
- wall art - they're blank now, just shiny
- round lumenite table, megabadger plush and thrumbo mosaic need to be redrawn
- I'm not full-satisfied with arts of some gems
- more mosaics art - there're only two because it take a lot of time to draw them. Simply filtering original art doesn't give such a nice result. So for example I need to draw a new boomalope in vectors, add few color layers, filter every layer perfectly and redraw specific tiles. As it's shown: bumalope mosaic is nice, thrumbo mosaic is worse and was a prototype.
- some of new research types are 'empty', like advanced metalwork (this one should be for example connected with platinum).
- west and east bed art. Lumenite bed rotate well but uses only south art so perspective goes crazy when placed east or west.
- translation
- art museum room (maybe)
- something like ancient treasure chest with valuable gem-themed treasure
- necklace has its own worn graphic but it is not very visible on pawns
- necklaces are getting tattered too fast
- Royalty features for furnitures
- minor description updates for minerals

Conflicts and issues:
Mod works fine with glowstone mod and Fantasy Metals mod. Fantasy metals are cool, cause they're matching my gems colors with metal resource. It is compatibile with Gems by Agracore, I added unique def names but there will be two diamonds, two saphires etc. I could write a patch to overwrite Gems mod but it would overwrite all gems from Gems. But I don't want to overwrite someone's mod. I think user should choose it.

About Jewelry mod: both mods are compatibile with each other but Jewelry mod has a patch which overwrites saphire, ruby and diamond properties. I worked hard to match all my gems and their colors and I'm not happy with this overwriting but I need to think how to solve it. (I know how to solve it technicaly but I don't know now if I should leave both sapphires, diamond and rubies or maybe find other solutions).

I recomend use with Stuffed Floors mod, Gloomy furniture, Expanded Furniture and more furniture mods to explore colorfull stuff everywhere! xD


soon with download

Thank you so much for reading all my crazy stuff!


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Re: [1.1] Mineralogy and jewel art (wip)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 09:07:09 AM »

Talented artist ! :-)