Food Thief - 10 Ticks error

Started by silentlord, April 19, 2019, 08:15:18 AM

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Got an error that results in a pawn stealing all my food and not putting it back.

i didn't know what it was, a pawn was stealing all the food a night and then sleeping. its a major headache as the pawn will literally take all meals, berries, meat.... totaling thousands of items. i then have to go hunting for it and then force him to put it back.
i can't even pin point a possible mod, as played nearly 30hrs with this current Mod-list and not really had a problem, i've had afew food thieves over the hours of play, but once i had a good stockpile of meals never really had a problem. but this new pawn named `Bit'theas` takes the biscuit, literally. for days (ingame) hes stealing the food and i cant figure out why hes different.
when i saw him doing it again i opened the dev log and i got a wall of red errors all the same;

Bit'theas started 10 jobs in 10 ticks. List: (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175529)) , (TakeInventory (Job_1175531) A=Thing_bowlstew284977) (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175532)) , (TakeInventory (Job_1175534) A=Thing_bowlstew284977) (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175535)) , (TakeInventory (Job_1175537) A=Thing_bowlstew284977) (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175538)) , (TakeInventory (Job_1175540) A=Thing_bowlstew284977) (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175541)) , (TakeInventory (Job_1175543) A=Thing_bowlstew284977) (Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175544))  curDriver=JobDriver_WaitMaintainPosture (toilIndex=0) curJob=(Wait_MaintainPosture (Job_1175544)) lastJobGiver=null
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.AI.JobUtility:TryStartErrorRecoverJob(Pawn, String, Exception, JobDriver)

here is the hugslib output log.

if anyone knows what the issue or mod is causing, let me know please. as at the minute i am verrrrrry tempted to just banish him. :P


i have spent almost 2 days playing around and juggling the modlist. and thats no small feat as load times is 86secs according... haha forgotten the name of on the mod. startup or something. though i swear its alot longer than 86secs.

i have found that removing `Smarter Food Selection` solved my food thief issues. i replaced it with `Pawn Rules`, which has much the same functionality.  have 4hrs realtime playing an old save and no food hoarding in the pawn inventory. no more 10 ticks errors.