[1.0] Don't Drop Weapon!

Started by Valadilene, October 15, 2019, 05:41:35 PM

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[Don't Drop your Grenade!]


Never let go of your weapon in combat! With this mod, Pawns no longer drop their primary weapon on the ground when going down from weaponsfire or other Rimworld hazards.

  • No more Masterwork primaries left outdoors to deteriorate.
  • No more Easter weaponhunts.
  • No more Fisticuffs Pawns drafted in a crisis.

[How to Trigger Mod]

Hurt a Pawn until they go unconscious but not dead. Nothing drops on the ground but the Pawn.

Do not attempt this at home without doctoring supervision and a bed prepared.


Valadilene cannot be held responsible for any other consequences caused by the loss of consciousness up to and including the likely chance of death. Death which by the way gives up the right to possess a weapon.

Valadilene does not accept responsibility for any armed prisonbreaks should apprehended insurgents smuggle weapons into the prison.


(1e fix) On death, dropped weapon respects home area to decide whether to forbid
(1c) On death, Pawn drop weapon forbidden and inventory unforbidden in home area.

(1c fix) On Pawn capture, items are unforbidden in prison
On arrest, prisoners drop weapon next to bed [forbidden].

(1b fix) Weapons can be swapped around normally again.
(Critical Bug) Pawns could not change weapons.
(Bug) User cannot manually make pawn drop weapon.

(1c fix) Pawns now keep their ammo and other inventory when downed.
Drops ammo and sidearms and inventory on the ground when unconscious.


For Personal Use


Valadilene/Arlaise (Discord)


Choose one version.
Please signup/login to Ludeon to download.
For all versions, Pawns do not drop anything when going unconscious.

[1d stable] For vets with too much battlefield junk.
On death, Pawns do not drop their inventory automatically.
Manually strip to obtain items.

[1e nightly] Recommended for a classic/cozy experience.
On death, Pawns immediately drop weapon, ammo and inventory.

Github Download

For Steam, install the mod to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods


Awesome mod... Million times thank you !



Downloading the nightly version!

To tell you the truth while i'm a fan of people dropping weapons, but kinda don't like my masterwork quality weapons deteriorating outside. I'm not a big fan the said dropped weapon that was left on a opened door to let in intruders from a raid especially enemy brawler with shield belts to sneak up inside my base. Ywoch.

One "happy family" in the rims...
Custom font made by Marnador.


Personal i dont mind weapon get drop and deteriorate, but when when get raid there are many enemy that keep drop item on floor making it look messy (maybe also effect performance). Also lately i am trying a Rim city mod, when doing the help ally raid defenses wave by wave my pawn will get downed and weapon drop in the pile of dead body and item.... :-\ :-\ :-\


A bit off topic but what's that wooden totem thing that's on fire in the screenshot?


The totem is part of the Hardcore SK mod. One of the basic core files it seems.