mod request - default prisoner food to simpel meal

Started by Prologue, June 16, 2019, 02:44:57 PM

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there is a simpel mod for this yet. In the vanilla game this default is set to lavish meals. If you have a lot of prisoners it becomes quite annoying to mannualy cahnge it every time.


Or just change Lawish meal policy (which is the default one) so it only used simple and other meals you want.
And assign your own colonist to fine meal policy or create a new one, much less work.

Or maybe try out
Pawn Rules


I have a few issues with your suggestions tho.
1> Why would I want the same food policy for both me colonists and my prisoners? This makes no sense to me, colonists should eat the best food available and prisoners should get somthing cheap.
2> The whole point of my request is that I don't want to assing anyting individually, since that is a lot of work and you can forget to do it.
3> The suggested mod has all kinds of features i'm not looking for and thus is not a simple fix to the problem.


1. i didn't say you should use the same policy for both. But prisoner use Larvish meal policy by default. So you should keep that for prisoner. While your other pawn's use a different one.

2.+3. If you don't want take some compromis either do some handwork or got some feautures you don't want, you need to hire/find a modder which made what you are looking for.

But i realy think Pawn Rules will fit your needs. And just add one other feature (bonding).


"So you should keep that for prisoner. While your other pawn's use a different one."

> Tis is the exact opposite of whet I was asking for, so not very helpfull advice.

> I checked out the suggested mod to see if it actually coud fix the issue and I found a lot complaints about it not working for prisoners.
From the comment section of the mod:

"It seems the rules do not work with Prisoners, they keep eating all my food
And all my husky got cirrhois becoz they keep drinking beer !!!"

"I'm having trouble keeping my fine and lavish meals out of my prison cells. anyone gotten this to work and stop pawns from hauling good meals to prisoners?"

"I did what you said but their still feeding the prisoners lavish meals. I might have to get rid of this mod for a bit sadly until the dev comes back soon. I have 10 prisoners thats needs food and i can't be feeding them the goodies. I wouldn't care if i was stacked with food but i am not."

"For some reason my colonists are giving my prisoners lavish meals. Even when i unchecked everything their still handing the best meals over to the prisoners. But their not eating it though."


Did you edit the Lavish meal policy, so only simple meals get used ?

I used Replimat too, which give me the option to get any meal out of it.
So i decide to give my prisoners some special meal.
I just enabled only these special meal at the Lavish meal policy, which got all prisoner.
All prisoner only get feed with that meal.


But if you have the same policy for both prisoners and and colonists, than how can you make sure the colonists get the better food and the prisoners don't?


I guess you can change the lavish food pollicy to only allow low quallity foods and cahnge the fine food pollicy to the one you want to use for your colonists. Which will save some time if you have a lot of prisoners, but than you still need to manually cahnge food policys for every new colonist and if you forget it they get the worst food.


Yes, you need to give each new colonist a new policy.
But what do you get more often, new colonist or new prisoner ?