a simple SCP-914 mod

Started by somethingcool, July 24, 2019, 04:22:28 AM

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(bad english alert)
if you know about the SCP universe then you already know what im talking about
if you not is okay, just google "oversimplified scp chapter 3" (3 minutes)
-the mod will add a machine/device like that and for example if you place a gun in it, the output with the each setting will be:
+rough:refund 100% material
+coarse: lower the damage or stat for like 60-70% (or decrease 1 quality level)
+1:1:a different gun with the same quality
+fine: increase damage/stat by 100%(or increase 1 quality level)
+very fine: increase damage/stat by 500%(or increase 2 quality level)
the machine doesn't have to work with everything, a few would do: very fine bed have more mood/rest bonus, very fine sandbag, table made from very fine wood,...
-hope i don't ask for too much here, i know it's easy to spill out ideal when others do all the hard work, i hope some modder can make this mod real

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