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Started by Daxter, July 16, 2019, 07:02:04 PM

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Please put Rimworld on sale on steam! I've been waiting so long. How often does it usually go on sale?


Never to extremely rarely.

Though it is an odd business decision to to strongly buck the expectations of the gaming market, Tynan has committed to his product's price, and, to his credit, it is a game of AMAZING gameplay longevity and replayability, to the point that most of the people I know of who have the game have gotten a cost-per-hour-played ratio in the range of "less than 1" to maybe 5 cents....or 600 to 3000+ hours played on their $30 purchase


I don't know what his "purchases vs time" graph looks like, but I imagine it has declined pretty strongly by now, and having a sale with a 30-50% discount would probably put the game in the hands of a lot more players while funnelling money into whatever new project he's up to.


It's been in a bundle in the past. There was recently small discount on fanatical. and humble usually has a 10% off deal on games.  Just keep waiting if you're looking for better deal as there's no bit of telling when you'll get it cheaper.


Quote from: vzoxz0 on July 17, 2019, 03:15:34 PM
I don't know what his "purchases vs time" graph looks like, but I imagine it has declined pretty strongly by now, ...

Peaked in November 2018 but I really don't think there is much to be concerned about.


That's the "playing peak", not the "purchasing peak". I think it would be a wise decision of Tynan to put the game on sale for Christmas.

* Enough time will have passed that most people who were going to buy RimWorld at full price, either already have, or won't catch it on the sale anyway
* People who bought it full price won't be annoyed since a long time has passed
* A lot of people, probably even on these forums, have pirated the game and appreciate it (thus might pick it up on sale)
* Tynan probably needs cash for Christmas presents or Christmas Whisky/Space Rum/His Psychite Habit.

...personally I bought the game full price on Steam, and have several hundred hours played. I'm sure there would be an influx of players and modders which would benefit everyone.


"people are going to steal it otherwise/anyways" is a really garbage attempt at an excuse for why things should be cheaper. 


It's good I didn't make that point, then, Mr. Strawman.


Heyo. I don't think this post should be in a suggestions list. This kinda feels like it should be something in General Discussion rather.

But i Don't know if the OP Daxter is still here or listening to this... But, I think i'm a-okay with the game not being on sale along with Factorio which isn't also into that as well (Which i also have in steam). But they ain't Triple AAA priced like $60 or $75, compared to Fallout 4 or GTA V...

Let's keep it civil guys... And be happy buds here.

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Yeah, I personally wouldn't lump rimworld with factorio.  That game is on a whole different level. lol