(1.0)(WIP) Adaptive Cassie Storyteller - Fine tuning

Started by Wanderer_joins, September 07, 2019, 07:28:22 AM

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Quote from: Wanderer_joins on November 18, 2019, 02:22:06 PM
Sappers are deadly if you don't block them before they get in. And i thought they could destroy your ship.

It's always a bitter-sweet experience when you launch your ship, so much time invested in your pawns and hours micromanaging their work. But at some point your colony is mature and they can live their lives.

The threats on merciless won't be much different from what you've faced, the main difference will be mood management.

You haven't been here for a year, but if you still keep half an eye on the forum...

Just wanted to say that since I returned after not playing the game since 1.0, I've picked up your follow-up storyteller "Adaptive Threats". Would love if it was on github or some such place, but thankfully I was able to get it with anonymous login and steamcmd, since I bought the game directly from Ludeon and don't use steam.

Played one game but aborted it before getting all the tech and launching the ship. In a new game now, tribal ofc, and it's been fun. Hard to tell (for me) how much it changes things based on vanilla Cassandra, who I prefer to use. Something I've noticed that I'm not sure if regular Cassandra will do, is send two raids almost back-to-back, or one day after the other, more or less. In a similar vein, one time I had a flashstorm, and a few hours later (maybe it was after midnight in-game?) there was a dry thunderstorm. As you can imagine, half the map, if not more, went up in flames :D

I'm always putting this off for too long, until raids almost kill us off, but it's fun to play without a killbox for several years. Currently I'm at 260k wealth according to the stats page, about 3 years into the game. Have flak armour now, so that helps, but facing off with dudes in marine armour and assault rifles when we only have some bolt actions and devilstrand dusters is.... ROUGH! :D

Heartily recommend this mod, and would be nice to see your face around the place again =)