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  • October 17, 2019, 01:04:09 AM
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Author Topic: I have been considering if there is any mod/tool method to enable a NewGame+ of  (Read 73 times)


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Anyone know anything like this? Think it would be cool to be able to build a proper ship end game, not just a quick rig but something realisitic and substantial that can either land/crash on a new planet after winning the game.

Imagine building a vessel that then crashes on an ice planet or a desert one for example. Maybe lose some pawns, or have them somewhere else on the planet.

Anyone ever seen any iteration of this?


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You might want to move this to Mods.

Also there used to be a mod that you said. It's called Save our Ship, isn't it? Sadly it ain't updated to 1.0 release. And the one on steam is abandoned unfortunately...

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