[Obsolete][1.0] Skip 1.1 mod log messages for 1.0 Rimworld

Started by Bones, February 17, 2020, 03:57:36 PM

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EDIT: 1.0 was updated, there is still one tag that appears as error, the tag supportedGameVersions that has been reverted to the old one, so only a few 1.1 mods have this and they will probably update it in the next few days

Mods that have been updated to 1.1 will give some log messages, but they are not errors, just tags that 1.0 can't recognize. This mod just make it skip a few of those tags.

Since it seems those messages appear before any mod is loaded, even core, so I made a quick dnspy modification and then diff patches with bsdiff. Further instructions on how to apply it you can find on github:


I made two versions, one checks for two tags (supportedGameVersions and packageId), can add more if necessary.

The second skips this particular log call, so any tag errors are surpressed, so it is future proof but could suppress genuine errors from other mods.



Let me know if it doesn't work for you. Should have any problem with other mods since it only suppresses a log method call.