How to tell which mods are slowing the game

Started by asquirrel, October 17, 2019, 01:07:10 PM

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Hi Folks,

I'm running about 220 mods right now and I'm wondering if there is a utility or another way to figure out what mods are using the most game resources.  It starts out fine but then quickly becomes a lag fest.  I'm running Runtime GC and use that when things start to slow down (regenerate avoid grids, reclaim memory, remove dead pawns).   Thanks for your help.


There was some mod that did start up graphs - but I think that was for start up mod impacts not the in-game impact. Essentially, from my own findings, if your mods are in an order where they're not happy that can break them and that'll slow down your in-game. Of course you have the mods like the water one that'll definitely impact game play with big colonies. Essentially, the more things that your processor has to process, the slower your game will be. I'm not sure about textures being an impact on game play. As for factions it seems to me that the more activity that happens on the planet the slower the game will be, so less factions would be faster I'm guessing but haven't tried yet. (I'm in the process of stripping down my game to only the mods I really enjoy/need to make as big a colony as I can and who knows if I'll ever get there with how slowly I play. lol)