Suggestion: Pawns Develop Passions as they Age

Started by AcetheSuperVillain, November 01, 2019, 08:13:41 AM

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(I apologize if RimWorld already has this behavior and I've just never noticed)

You ever notice that young pawns have less passions, old pawns have more passions?  That must mean that their passions grow as they get older, right?  But I've never seen that happen. 

So it would make sense within the existing lore of RimWorld that pawns should gain passions as they age.  I know that people probably don't play games so long that their pawns actually go from young to old, but I'm thinking that with the amount of passions that old pawns have compared to young pawns, they are probably developing a new passion every few years. 

For reference, I've got a couple of old people and young people in my current colony, there's a 25yo with 2 minor passions, a 20yo with 3 minor passions, a 39yo with 2 burning and 4 minor passions, a 51yo with 4 burning and 3 minor passions, and a 70yo with 2 burning and 5 minor passions.  I don't exactly know how passion points are calculated, but if minor passions count as one point and burning as two points, then to go from the 20yo with 3 points to the 39yo with 8 points, he'd be developing 5 more points over 19 years, about 1 point every 4 years.  The 25yo to the 51yo would be 1 every 2.8 years, but I think they have different passion amounts to balance their traits, as the 51yo is a pain in the ass and the 25yo is a saint.