[1.1/1.0] Nyaron (Catgirl race)

Started by Farmradish, October 23, 2019, 06:27:26 PM

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a marvel of modern biotechnology: Nyaron!

These humanoid cats were originally made as "luxury" companions on Glitterworlds;
however, whereas some Glitter inhabitants like to bring Charge rifles to the Rim,
it seems others would rather the company of their Nyaron. Of course there are
other reasons the Nyaron could end up near your colony, such as a failed delivery,
an abandoned kitty, or some other sort of "unavoidable" accident. Make no mistake,
the Nyaron are far more capable than your average house cat-in fact, their mental capacity
matches just about any human.


     + Battle-tested race optimized for indoor life.(mountains, caves, etc).
     + Agile and Nimble. 
     - Low work efficiency, Need More Sleeping time.

Arthor : Farmradish

English Introduction : (ManOfGod413)

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""""""""""""""Luxury Companions"""""""""""""
Other than that, it looks okay so far. Chance to add balls of yarn as a melee weapon that's super effective against them? Oooh, how about laser pointers?
I've been thinking... (Oh no, it thinks!)


is there (or will there be) a dry version(non steemed) as cats are not partial to lots of water ?


Quote from: harpo99999 on October 24, 2019, 06:51:37 PM
is there (or will there be) a dry version(non steemed) as cats are not partial to lots of water ?

yes, minor/major debuff when in water ?
perhaps add a new traits like (hydrophobic/hydrophilia)?
He dig
She dig
You dig
I dig
We dig
They dig

It's not a great poem
But it's pretty deep


As catgirl lover I'm looking forward to see how this mod develop  :D
The Nyaron Faction caravan somehow only have one pawn. Also when they facing north, their tail doesn't show up.
Hope this fixed on future version.