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Author Topic: [Security log] 173-892  (Read 2615 times)


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[Security log] 173-892
« on: October 25, 2019, 05:16:00 PM »

Darkness, the room is in darkness. This colony has been long abandoned. You try to walk around, this room is very small. You find yourself tripping over wires and hitting into things... you hear things moving, you don’t know where they are. You feel something climbing on your face you attempt to swat it off and in the process press some kind of button. You hear and soft hum and screens across the room begin to glow and come to life. In the new light roaches, spiders, and rats begins to scatter. You look over to the screen and see a single file that is not deleted the file reads “logs.” You navigate to the file and click on it. Several audio files flood the screen and you select the first one, the screen goes black and the recording begins...

Log 1
14th Aprimay 2077
You can hear people talking in the background, when a man begins to speak JOHN I GOT THE TERMINAL WORKING... is this thing on? Ok, good. Hello, my name is Eric Cook. My current location is unknown, I don’t know where the fuck we are... last time
I checked we were only a few quadrants away from the Calypso system... look at where we are now. Something broke out of one of the containment crates, one of those nasty motherfucking science experiments. Tore half the crew to shreds, luckily I was on the engineering deck... near the escape pods... when it started tearing up the warp drive and the ship core. It could be on planet with us, I have no fucking clue. We landed in a heavy forest, pretty densely wooded. There are 6 of us including myself.a scream is heard in the background, the man pauses WHATS GOING ON, fuck STORCH GET THE FUCKING GUN. End of log.

The words repeat themselves in your head, you look at the corpse on the ground. “Was that him?” You have so many questions, you click the next log and continue.

Log 2
10th Jugust 2077
You can hear the man sigh, he is obviously stressed I don’t know what the fuck to say, turns out that thing is on planet. We managed to kill it, but not before it ripped Storch apart. We’ve got very few supplies and a meager shelter. I’ve still got to find a way to get this fucking thing out of the wreckage. We’ve had a few people come to our camp, looks like some others have crashed here too. None are willing to help or point us in a safe direction. The weather is getting colder, we’re gonna have to find a way to make some warm fucking clothes, other than our charred rags. The man sighs again I miss home, I miss my kids, my wife. All this shit is getting too much to handle, I never should’ve taken this job, now they think I’m dead. End of log.

You lean back in the chair, and look at the ceiling. It’s covered in cobwebs. You feel sorrow, you wonder if that man ever made it home. Or if that’s him on the floor. You click on the next file and delve even deeper into their story.

Log 3
3rd Septober
You hear the man sit down on the chair and take a long sip of a liquid, most likely coffee. He sighs and begins to talk. It’s been...he pauses and you can hear him scratching his beard Well I don’t know how long it is. This place is hell, monsters come during the night. Spiders the size of dogs, massive lizards, flesh eating diseases. It’s fucking crazy. Last night we heard gunfire in the distance, we locked the door and held our weapons to it, the gunfire didn’t stop. I decided to go scout,
I climbed up a rather large hill and in the distance saw smoke, tracers, fire. The gunfire eventually died down, something massive was over there. I don’t know what it was, but it was large enough to quench massive fires with a single step. Let’s hope it doesn’t come this way... End of log.

You click immediately on the next file, you’re to intrigued to stop.

Log 4
6th Aprimay 2078
It’s been... a while since my last log. Our power went out for a month or so. We don’t know what severed the connection, but we couldn’t fix the heavy duty cable for quite some time. Winter is long gone, it wasn’t easy though... I’m the only original member left, the rest are made up of immigrants from other destroyed colonies. We now have moved into the mountain, our colony is protected by two massive blast doors. Hopefully keeping us safe from the terrors outside. Keep word hope...

A rat begins to sniff at your foot, you kick it away and it scampers off. You continue even further into the logs.

Log 5
? Decembary
None of us know what day it is, the satellite was knocked out 2 days ago, we have no contact with any more trade ships or other colonies. There was an infestation as well, bugs out of the ground. Got a few of us, a few others injured. They used the biomass from the dead ones to multiply. There are too fucking many now. We’ve wasted almost all of our ammo spraying into their hoard, we had to block off the entire eastern corridor... along with our medical bay. We left a lot of good men can hear him begin to sob I’m done with this shit, how do I turn this fucking thing off.

You stare at the screen and click the next log, you’re too interested to stop.

Log 6
? 2081
It’s be a long fucking time, too fucking long. We never recovered from those god damn bugs. We don’t have enough men or resources to continue to upkeep this place. A lot of people just got up and left, tired of starvation and sorrow. A few came back and tried to raid us. They got through the primary defenses but couldn’t push due to our gunfire. They closed the secondary doors and cut the power. We cant get out...we can’t get out...we can’t get out....he continues to mumble on until the log eventually ends End of log.

You pause for a moment, you stand up for a moment and look around. On the far side is a bulletin board. Wads of paper are still stapled on it, most are torn off. Some still have small printed letters on them, others are stained with blood, or coffee. You can’t tell. The next log begins.

Log 7
? 20?
We lost track of the year... we lost track of everything. Nothing is worth it anymore. The siege is still going on, we can hear them ramming the door down, our time is fucking running out. We’re out of food, we’re out of ammunition. Once they get in we’re fucked, I expect this to be my last log...

Several files are deleted here, several logs are either corrupted or deleted. You move on a few files and find logs that are not corrupted.

Log 26
you hear panicked breathing and loud metal clangs in the background WE CANT GET OUT, WE CANT GET OUT, WE CANT GET OUT... the man continues to hyperventilate but eventually calms down we’ve held out for as long as humanly possible, there’s only 3 of us left. Those who didn’t die of starvation succumbed to the bugs or their own mind. The ones who went insane were locked in their rooms... we still hear their screams. All the food is long gone... we had to eat dead bugs can hear the man vomit...people. We’re done, finished. The only thing we ever hear are their drills. Slowly burrowing into the security doors. We live in darkness, there is nothing between us and death. We attempted to tunnel out but the roof hear a door clang to the ground and footsteps running through the halls, the man pauses and holds his breath. He begins to whisper I’ve locked myself in the communications room, they’ll have to kill me before I surrender. You hear the raiders yelling and begin to drill into the door End of Log

You stand up from the chair and stare blankly at the screen, your eyes wander to the corpse on the floor. He is dead. They’re all dead. You get up from the chair and force the door back open. You walk through the silent hallways, you look at the stained walls, covered in cob webs. You think of what used to be, what the people here went through... what a fucking world... universe even. You never thought you would be here, yet here you are. You continue through the halls and out the main blast door, walking into the unknown, whatever it may bring.