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Started by RimWorldSpirit, November 08, 2019, 12:00:54 PM

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I have a few suggestions that I think will really affect the quality of the game.
At first the simplest and, as it seems to me, optimal additions, in the end the most global.

1. The story of why the settler flew in the ship. Me personally when I read a story of a settler was very interesting, as for example the exiled scientist came to flying in space ship. Why he made such a decision. Example: "Not finding understanding among their, in his world, Lilith decides to flee in search of a new life. One day she learns of a remote utopia where she can become happy with her passion for robots. The dream is born in her. If only she knew what was waiting for her..."I believe that such stories would leave an impression on the players and really improve the world of RimWorld. And they are very simple, do not require much time. If you are even slightly interested - please answer, I'd be happy to write a lot of examples of stories.

2. Handbook. This idea does not have the same purpose as the usual in-game directories. I was looking for a way to get money quickly, there were a lot of projects available in the workshop, but there were only half of ready-made examples. Thus, the player can not see information about anything without having it at home. This is what makes it difficult to play in many situations in every game. A person may not even guess how many different drugs exist if he has only one Psychite.

3. Running. Here already the project demands new mechanics, and I am sure of usefulness not on 100%, but on 80%, but all-I consider that it deserves realization. While in the game, in my opinion, too simple system of movement on the location. The character runs away from the rushing rhinoceros with the same speed with which he slowly carries bags of potatoes. I think, it is not necessary to explain why it strongly spoils realism. You can add different reduction rates to the rest scale, a fatigue scale that recovers slowly when a person walks and quickly when standing or lying down. The only problem is that there is a need to introduce new mechanics, and it takes time. But, too, am asking to answer, if are interested in.

4. Rim World: Capturing The World. A truly GLOBAL addition. You can make an addition, you can just a big update, and you can even RimWorld 2: Capturing The World. Okay, joke, that's not enough for RimWorld 2. But such an addition, I think, is a very reasonable idea. The most important thing is the relationship. Now in game this simply +30, -60, number of, affecting frequency attacks with hand other factions, slightly-slightly prices under trade, opportunity order caravan or aid and couple of little things. That's not enough. The relations with the factions a lot, really a lot greater potential. Personally, I do not want to fly away as quickly as possible, I do not even want to make as happy a settlement as possible, I want to take over the world. I want first develop a settlement, and then gradually conclude military, trade alliances with factions and together with them on one locations destroy prevent all camps pirates, aggressive factions etc.
Can be conclude big alliances, between three not warring with each other factions: my settlement, trade faction and peaceful tribe and already Threesome create joint attacks on camps pirates. In fact, the possibilities-the sea, and than to describe all the ideas in my head, I just list them. Hostile alliances, espionage, traitors in the settlement, an overview of the caravans of allies on the map, you can add ships, construction of roads between the allies, the division of territories on the map, a gradual deflection of the territory, assistance to allies settlements, peace treaties, even joint defense camps, in which I and the other faction is actually very interesting. The game will start to tighten even more. I'm afraid you're afraid of what the game will become like Civilization, Europa Universallis... But no, you just need to do everything right, because for example caravans-part of the game, not beyond RimWorld. Here for example, and military aid to allies, too, would fit into the game.

P. S. Please, write, as you assess my ideas, criticize, ask. If something interested - I will write in detail the planned result. It's important to me. Thanks!


1. I really like the idea of a custom-generated screen that explains what the pawns were doing before they crash landed. It seems like it would be a challenge, but not impossible, to code something like that into the game to represent how the pawns were interacting before they end up in the game world.

2. I'm not sure about Handbooks. I find the idea really interesting but it's hard to implement player-created non-mod content that would be generally acceptable to all players. I personally don't want to see Ludeon getting in trouble for accidentally sponsoring content that would damage their reputation, even by accident.

3. I'm neutral to this suggestion. I feel that the pawns benefit quite a lot already from items such as go-juice and bionic limbs, with the tradeoff being that they are hard to come by and possess unique weaknesses.

4. I have been in favor of the "possibility" to attack locations and "claim" them as part of your own faction for a long time now. Is that what you mean? Because if so, I fully support that kind of idea. The game could really benefit a lot from more enhanced interactions between factions, and new faction possibilities springing up as a result of in-world situations.

The only real problem with this kind of freedom is that it can be extremely taxing for computers. While the game itself seems to run extremely smoothly on most machines, multiple colonies and generated content can really stagger the game over time and put strain on a computer's resources.