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Author Topic: [1.0.2408] Door tiles don't show dirt and room stat update delayed  (Read 509 times)


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In situations where a room has door (or more than one door), and monitoring and keeping that room clean by using the 'room stats display' and 'beauty display'. Or trying to.

Problem #1 - beauty display doesn't show dirt effect in door tiles

The beauty stat view doesn't show any value/effect about dirt for tiles with doors, so it is not possible to see when/if they have dirt. (I have not checked if it could be seen with doors that would have a non-zero beauty value themselves, i.e. marble doors.) Only way to find them is to simply try to select a colonist and right click that door tile. If the menu doesn't have option to clean something in there, the tile may or may not be dirty; if the option appears, it certainly has that dirt. (Well, another option is passive; make someone cleaning a high priority and if they come near the tile, they will clean it.)

Problem #2 - delay between dirt dropping and becoming possible to clean it up

Even worse, when dirt is dropped by a colonist (under door or anywhere), it takes a moment before cleaning it becomes available in that menu. Or more correctly, before cleaning it becomes possible in general (even when beauty view and graphics shows the dirt there). Yet it affects the cleanliness stat immediately. Thus, it is possible to see room's stat showing there is dirt, but no dirt can be found anywhere, and no option to clean under doors (as if they were clean tiles). (And no, certain buildings which increase dirtiness is not the case here).

Problem #3 - room cleanliness stat is not updated after dirt is cleared in door tiles

Also, once the door-tile has been cleaned finally, the room's cleanliness stat does not change to reflect that... until e.g. starting to use stove, at which moment it will get updated to correct value. I would expect the room stat to be updated the same way as for non-door tile cleanups, i.e. immediately after each unit of dirt is removed.

Minor thing #4 - how dirt in door tiles affects both sides at full effect

While I think this last one is not a bug, per se, it still seems "incorrect"; Apparently dirt under door tiles affects both connected rooms with full effect. I would somehow count only a share of it to each connected room. A simple approach would be to apply half the effect to each room, even if that isn't quite correct in more exotic arrangement where door connects more than two rooms. In most cases I'd expect doors to be connected to two rooms (or room + outside), so the simple approach should be enough (for me, anyway :P)


Create a "typical" colony with a number of normal rooms along hall-way with normal door(s) to that hall way, and I'd suggest some rooms connected directly with each other (recommending kitchen and freezer). The rooms should have floor type of smoothed/carpet/any "tile/wood, to see the dirt better. Make sure colonists have reasons to move around and cause dirt, e.g. by making one room butcher, another corpse storage, another meat storage, hall way to be outside with natural dirt floor and animals herding. (etc.)  That should emhasize dirt accumulation :P

Keep all colonists NOT doing cleaning, except one with lowest priority. With that one colonist, manually keep the rooms' main tiles clean, I recommend kitchen. (This should already reveal the #2, possibly #4, along the way.)

Once it is spotted that the room stats shows dirty room but room's normal tiles are all clean, check doors manually (right click menu tries). When the dirt there is spotted, note beauty display not showing negative score at the door tile (confirms #1), note the room's stat (for rooms on both side of the door, if possible), stop any other colonists doing anything in that room, clean the door tile, recheck room stat immediately after that; not changed (confirms part of #3).

Order some colonist use some working place in that room (e.g. stove), and keep observing the room's stats while the colonist approaches. The cleanliness changes when the utility is used. (Other part of #3).

(Edited for closer to correct terms, clarity, and added reproduction ideas.
Also, I have a save game file that can be used to check 1, 3 and maybe 4, but problem 2 probably needs just watching them move around and when spotting them drop new dirt, trying to force-clean it immediately.  1,3 and 4 are also easy to check but may take a random while to get the dirt in door tile.  I'll try and arrange that save game file later.)
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Re: [1.0.2408] Door tiles don't show dirt and room stat update delayed
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2019, 01:25:25 PM »

Thanks for reporting! I've moved #3 to Mantis:

#1 and #2 are a bit more tricky.