"visitor bed" and "rescue friend"

Started by Mondkalb, July 29, 2014, 06:31:49 PM

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Hello again,

I think it would be really nice to have three "bed states" instead of two: colonist, prisoner and visitor!

At the moment the visitors from other colonies wander a bit around and then leave again. You can capture them, but this will make their colony hostile against you. In my humble opinion it's not worth capturing one, even if it's a highly talented dude...

Sometimes friendly visitors accidentally stumble into a fight and help you against the raiders. That always created a cool "story feeling"! But when a visitor is hurt and lying on the floor after the fight, the only thing you can do is wait for him or her to die and then loot the dead body... You cannot rescue a friendly visitor... only capture him or her... This does not fit very well into your "narrative" designing goal... :-\

But what if there was a visitor bed, where they could stay a night (or maybe sometimes longer). I guess a bad treatment (sleeping on the floor, getting no food or having no social contact) wouldn't make them hostile, but it would surely make the relationship worse! In opposition if you save the live of a friendly visitor and give medical treatment, his or her home colony surely would feel grateful, resulting in a better relationship between the colonies!

Maybe sometimes there will also be a prisoner from an other colony who escaped and will beg for asylum? If it's a highly talented person who fled from a friendly colony this also can lead to a real controversy!

I think "visitor bed" and "rescue friendly colonist" would really add some dynamic and additional narrative elements to the game play! :)

kind regards,

PS: I was to slow... some one else "Ednac" came with the same idea, while I was typing! :D


I really agree that "capturing" crash survivors, people from friendly fictions who is incaped is a kind of bug or a missing feature. Watching friendly gradually die in my yard makes me feel very bad, please fix it soon as possible!