Stop biting my eyes out

Started by CyberianK, March 09, 2020, 06:39:00 AM

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Hey everyone,

after a few social fights many of my my pawns usually look like this:

mainly scars on the eyes from bite wounds.

I often separate the worst rivals into separate housing areas so they cool down but still social fights happen once in a while. I also usually run tribal or low tech/medieval runs so just replacing all eyes with prosthetics is usually not an option. Are there other ways to reduce scars to the eyes? Maybe even in vanilla? If not then its mods I guess.

Thanks for feedback,

Chris aka CyberianK


Stop recruiting vampires.

Seriously though? Think this is just your bad luck. I personally have problems with colonists shooting each others' fingers and toes off during raids.

Swarm of 20 mechanoids charging the base, and somehow Brian misses and destroys Lucy's left middle toe with laser accuracy every time.

Covered in Weasels

I had two colonists get into a social fight the other day. One of them punched the other guy a couple times, then the second one dove at the first guy's foot and bit his big toe clean off! What kind of savage fights like that!? Not a salty post, it was very funny and ultimately low impact.


There are several mods that give ways glitterworld meds can remove scars - that might be a reasonable choice...  Yeah, I lose digits more often :p


While it causes its own problems (as well as having other benefits), luciferium happens to cause scars to go away, over time.  Or at least it DID, not long ago; haven't tried it in a while.
Thanks, belgord!


Catch 22 if it generates funny Reddit posts it won't be changed.


There is, in general, way too many limb bites in social fights. I wouldn't mind having _more_ social fights if they resulted in fewer permanent limb-removals. I mean crushing someone's nose in a social fight -- ok, that makes sense -- but biting their fingers off is far, far above a "social fight" and that happens so, so often to me.

I have also suffered from eye-biting in previous versions... You can't bite someone in the eye unless you're much smaller than them. It should be limited to rats and similar beings.


Had to install Harvest Everything it was getting ridiculous.


Thanks, belgord!