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Author Topic: Colonist blasted by DR Launcher  (Read 513 times)


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Colonist blasted by DR Launcher
« on: September 14, 2020, 07:03:15 PM »

Hello there guys! Today I am going to share a sad story with you. Once upon a time, It was very peaceful. And then the next day.. A dangerous raid has been detected! It was a pirate raid. All of them had Doomsday rocket launchers! Then our base got attacked. We had to go in transport pods but one of our colonists can't walk! The colonist that didn't walk died. Everyone else fled the Rimworld. That is the end! Please reply if this story was excellent and give me a brief description of what happened to your base. Please answer on-topic, or they will be deleted by our administrators (Ramsis and Tynan). Thank you for viewing!
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