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Author Topic: Escape from the Bug Planet  (Read 718 times)


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Escape from the Bug Planet
« on: September 21, 2020, 10:38:25 PM »

Escape from the Bug Planet:

MODS of Consequence: Vanilla Factions Expanded, Insectoids, Children School and Learning, Faction Control, only other faction Insectoids.

Note: To learn more about Triumph and the Supremacy of Noln, Check out my Other Story. Colony Log of the Everglades Settlement

Rimworld Triumph: Nation: Supremacy of Noln. Subject <Interview 55621>

The video feed shows a disheveled middle aged man with a peg leg for his left leg. The man has a full beard and is wearing an orange prison jum suit. He appears to be sitting down in a dimly lit concrete room. His interrogator can not be seen in the video.

Q. Interrogator (Int): Let's go over this again. From the top. Your name.

A. Why are we doing this again? I swear we're not a threat to you people.

Q. It takes as long as it takes. Now once again. Your name.

A. <Sigh> It's Vector.

Q. Where were you born?

A. An urbworld, it's called Hetin. I don't know where it is relative to this place.

Q. What was your occupation?

A. Before I got laid off, I worked on an assembly line

Q. How did you come to Triumph?

A. When I got laid off, the Megacorporation enrolled me in the new colony lottery thing. I won a spot and got to join a  group of colonists heading for an animal world in a different system.

Q. So you went to an animal world?
A. Yes, it didn't have a name. The AI persona had a long number in its database for the planet and the star, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. I just know it was supposed to be an animal world.

Q. So it wasn't an animal world then?
A. Well it is. But <sigh> I really don't want to go through this again.

Q. What happened when you reached the animal world?
A. Ummm, things didn't go completely right. The AI persona discharged the crews' escape pods while in orbit and then landed at an undesignated landing site far away from where the escape pods landed. Most of the supplies landed with us though, so it could have been worse.

Q. What happened after that?
A. <Sounding annoyed> What do you mean, what happened? We built a colony there. It was hot as hell, but the soil was good for growing, and we grew more than enough. We could never find enough steel though.

Q. I understand you had a wife on this colony?
A. Yeah, her name was Mila.

Q. Where is Mila right now?
A. Probably long dead considering I'm in another star system. She divorced me, then got pregnant with some other guy. They were part of the group that stayed behind.

<Pause> <Sic>

Q. Vector, you are getting ahead of yourself again.
A. Right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Look, can I get a glass of water. I need a break.

<Transmission Cuts out> <Cuts in 10 minutes later>

Q. Vector we need to talk about what you are really doing here on Triumph.
A. What do you mean, really doing?

Q. In our last discussion, you claimed that your colony was repeatedly attacked by large groups of intelligent insectoidss, and that these attacks eventually forced you, and four other people to leave the planet. You claim that the insects burrowed through open ground and swarmed your settlement in waves until you could forcibly bury the tunnels. You talk about types of insectoids that we've never heard of, these Megapedes, Gigalocusts and such. And then there's this insectoid queen with psychic powers that appeared to you in your nightmares, even though you never saw it in person. <Sigh> I'm sorry Vector, but I just dont find that to be credible.

A. You're wrong about one part. The attacks didn't force anyone to leave. We held our own. I just didn't want to live with my ex anymore. The others had their reasons as well. Everyone had to make their own choice at the end. 

Q. Are you going to make a choice to tell me the truth Vector?

A. <Sounding frustrated> What do you want me to say to get out of here? That I made it all up, like it's crazy stuff? Just ask the others that you found with me. They'll tell you the same story.

Q. Vector, I need you to be honest with me. Are there any more interstellar ships bound for Triumph?
A. No ... well not that I know of.

Q. Are you part of a military, pirate, vigilante or paramilitary organization?
A. No

Q. Who do you currently work for?
A. No one, I'm just a refugee!

Q. How did you lose your left leg?
A. Shrapnel from a grenade. While we were trying to fend off a group of megaspiders.

Q. Was the megaspider found in the mountains?
A. No, the colony was on flat terrain. It was just a groyup of them that attacked one time.

Q. That's impossible. Listen to yourself. All the known worlds were developed using the same terraforming techniques. Insectoids were just part of biosphere development. Megaspiders live in mountains and deep underground. They don't just roam around on the surface. Everyone knows that. Basic insterstellar biology.

A. Fine, you want to know the truth. I'll tell you the truth. I hated my ex, so me and a few other disgruntled colonists stole the ship after it landed. The insectoid stuff is nonsense.

Q. Vector, I finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Let's talk more tomorrow morning.