Undead Faction

Started by Jasmack1972, March 29, 2020, 11:57:32 AM

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I'd like a way to create my own faction, in game, by playing a necromancer (or Lich) and raising skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and other assorted undead types. Each raised pawn would be able to act like a real pawn, allowing it to be equipped with clothing, armour, weapons, etc. but if it is ever killed it would have a chance to automatically raise back up or be destroyed forever (including all equipment). What do you all think? Possible?


  Yes. I'm running it now, actually, HEH. Rim of Magic gives necromancer... starts off being able to "maintain" like 4 undead pawns at once (and maybe an undead mount, REQUIRES NO FOOD on caravan)... Combine with Level This (health buff) and Immortal (only die from beheading), you can create an insane little army. Once you level up your necro, I think I maintained 8 PAWNS and 2 animals with max mana regen and skill points for maint reduction. There is a object you can craft later to increase your undead command ability even further!

  I basically would just raid caravans and prison camps, capture who I could, if they died (and had decent stats), bring them back. The zombies didn't hit hard but their natural regen, 2x could by head to head with a scyther. Was real fun kinda playthru!