My traders won't leave

Started by rim-mom, March 27, 2020, 09:00:18 PM

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I keep having traders show up and then they hang around so long that sometimes they die or go into a mental state and go berserk. I'm playing the "Ideal Circumstances" scenario. Anyone else had this problem? Any tips?


Are you running any mods that could potentially impact how traders act? Typically the worst I've seen is they might hang around, go to leave, then someone falls asleep so they stick around waiting for that guy to wake up before moving on, with a couple people getting somewhat malnourished before finally eventually everyone departs. I've definitely had people part of caravans become incapacitated sometimes from a variety of circumstances, but it's definitely the exception as opposed to the rule, and hasn't happened to an entire trade group.

If you're running mods, I'd suggest starting from there and seeing if any impact traders, or could interact with each other to cause an impact like you're describing.


I will take a look. I'm afraid it might be the scenario. I'm about ready to say goodbye to this colony and try something else.


Mosttimes when the trader don't leave you have an error at the logfile.
A mod conflict or configuration error of mods.

Be sure you don't have any error after you activate a mod, better use that mod.


If you ever run into this problem again and don't feel like starting again there's a dev mode 'job giver' option you can click on people with to force them to leave the map and do many other things to fix bugs on the fly.
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Strange AI behavior when you have mod conflicts like this is a pain to solve, and often it's just better to find a workaround if you can. The mod Trading Control gives you an option when interacting with traders to send them home. Useful in bugged-out situations like these, and also when they would end up in a dangerous situation and the traders getting killed would cause a relations drop.