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Started by Tynan, April 22, 2014, 02:33:22 PM

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No inspirations for my pirates apparently, no wonder they are losing the war.


Quote from: Sanctum on January 26, 2019, 10:28:31 AM
This is what happened to my initial map after two years of survival with Randy on hardcore.
To survive, my settlers had to build a bunker and go live underground. Unfortunately, organic settlers could not endure isolation and went insane, so I had to "put them to sleep".

Now the underground bunker is completely controlled by semi-intelligent mechanical androids.

That's a lot of modded content!!
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Quote from: Tynan on April 22, 2014, 02:33:22 PM
Must-do checklist: In order for a screenshot to be usable it must follow this checklist:
-Map edge cannot be visible in frame
-Modded features cannot be visible
-Screenshot must not be downscaled (e.g. colonist names must be pixel-perfect)
-Put your screen in 1680x1050 or 1920x1200 resolution
-Don't process or crop the shot in any way. Don't add labels
-PNG lossless compression is ideal

-UI can be visible for some shots. Most of the time, you'll want to use F10 and F9 to grab screenshots with the UI off.
-Usually it's best to get nice lighting with sun shadows visible
-Avoid ugly UI elements like the "screenshot taken" text or the debug controls visible

The need for marketing pictures is probably long past, but if you can and want to use these pictures in any way, then go right ahead. Since these have been taken during often hectic action in-game, the UI is mostly present (sorry). It's in 1920x1080 since that's my native resolution (sorry again). Maybe you can chop out some of it if there is a picture you want to use? (looks like it only lasts a week)

Personally I really like the marriage ceremony image, but also love some of the action-shots during combat. Great fun! :)

Marriage  8) :-*
The marriage happened right after taking on a mech ship (some have been brought in), and we hadn't even had time to destroy the actual ship yet. Draft-undraft to let them all join the happy occasion.

One-girl army Priscilla  8) (from the people that dropped in when I asked for help) Love the fact she's trying to block the bridge against a colossal horde of tribal raiders (there are a *lot* more than shows in the picture)

Prison break... Oh GAWD!!! Total horror when it happened, but it was actually hilarious too. This game... :D

First steal a weapon. What's this gadget then..?

Oooops! Harr-harr-harr

Destruction and so, so many lost expensive workbenches, irreplaceable psychic helmets and half-completed bionics. Thankfully the 480 thrumbofur I had saved up from taking on those beauties for the first and so far only time survived, albeit at 10/60 health.

Animal romance :D
(Queen Bee's snack was rudely interrupted)

Didn't know animals could bury corpses.

Trying to flank sappers during one of the 30-ish attacks during the 15-day defend-the-ship phase. One bastard is trying to hack his way into our freezer (bottom left), and I somewhat desperately didn't want that horde into the central base, so decided to try to flank them. Very chaotic and lots of injuries and friendly fire (probably on both sides). Most of the triple wall came down during the onslaught.

An overview shot (no UI - woot!) of the base just before departing on the ship.

A trade caravan got ambushed by raiders. Think they were arriving at the time, so we hadn't been able to trade yet. Love the fact this image caught one of the triple rocket launcher missiles on the way in. Bad news for the chaps still standing *gulp*

(everything burned up before I could get to it, including the corpses)

OMG, so many corpses. An 8-mortar volley fire, where probably half landed in the pack, left almost 80 people dead. They brought around 200, probably more given how long it took until they fled (the game only double-click selects 80). Not easy. Not easy at all!

A mech ship landed within our exterior walls so it was impossible to try to funnel them into our turret defence. We did manage to build some quick walls and sandbags, but it was ugly as hell. Especially for the poor panthers I told to attack (first time for everything). As you can see from the list to the right, quite a few ended their lives on the battleground. Many on fire. Not a good way to go  :'(

We were badly injured beforehand, and much worse after, so I had no realistic chance to save most of the panthers bleeding out. We were all down and injured ourselves and I had to focus the few reasonably healthy pawns on saving our own colonists from bleeding out. Sad with tough priorities.

Two raider factions come to kill us. But meet each other south of our base, and crash heads there. In this picture they are also greeted with a mortar. So much death and people dying everywhere. Oh God! The horror.

A huge force of mechs are attacking us, and they sort-of get flanked by yet another raid. The raiders got chopped to bits, but I think they got down 2-3 scythers, and took some of the attention off us. Great with fortunate timing like this.


How 200+ chicken look like. I like to get more but i tired of searching&clicking to unforbid eggs so i installed a mod but now i can't get fert eggs. Or the game just won't let me. XD


New village for testing mods.

Got raider from 3 direction, 1 managed to get in the animal safe zone and start to slaughter the chicks..... well, that is what he think.


This might be THE BEST art i've ever seen.