Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?

Started by Sepkan, August 06, 2014, 04:19:33 PM

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Lady Wolf

Funniest thing lately is my latest colony turning out to be a drug rehab clinic?

My colonist landed a bit south of a friendly colony that's apparently a drug farm, at least all the visitors and traders that are visiting seem to have multiple various addictions (go juice, yao yao, alcohol, wakeup, etc.) and generally wind up going through withdrawal during their stay.

This withdrawal more often than not winds up incapacitating them (which damages rep with their home colony) and they get to detox in my colony medbay instead. (Naturally their clothes/armor and weapons get added to the colony stockpiles as "payment" for their stay.) Once they're clean and able to walk, they get sent on their way to return home naked  and boost rep with them once they exit the map healthy.

So far after several seasons this is becoming an ongoing thing, (Either they have a lot   of chemical addicts or are running a drug farm) where they keep sending me their junkies for rehab and they get to detox in the "comfort" of my colony at the low low cost of everything they own.


My very first colony got man-hunted by some man-hunting donkeys. My hunter was out trying to provide for the colony and figured she'd start with our delicious, nutritious donkey neighbors. But these were free donkeys, subject to no man. They gave my hunter the business and left her in a bloody, broken pile before making a B-line for my colony's main gate. Honestly, I think they might have been planning this. Anyway, since this was my first attempt and I was still quite innocent, I sent my colonists out one at a time to put down the donkey insurrection. Once the donkeys finished stomping my last colonist into unconsciousness, a savior shows up: the mysterious Man in Black. The Man in Black is able to eliminate the donkey threat and drag my disassembled colonists to safety. While most of my colonists were healing up nicely, the one colonist the Man in Black had a relationship to passed away, sending him over the edge. Turns out he was a pyromaniac. Long story short, my colonists spent the last few horrific minutes of their lives laying, incapacitated, waiting for the flames to take them. It was horrendous. I was so irritated at the Man in Black I made him drop his gun and go box a Thrumbo.


Happened long time ago.
After few days of starting my brutal naked scenario. My first ever event was a meteorite landing to my pawn and killing him.
The end.
I ate without a table and I liked it.


boomalope went mad, attacked my base... AND for some reason or another, my melee dude went forward and...slayed it... colony died trying to put out the fire. this was in my first 4 hours of the game. really cool so far!


Fun with Boomalopes

Just recently started this great game, I decided to tame a herd of 8 Boomalopes. Didn't know yet what they were good for at that time, but I read somewhere you should give them a sleeping spot outside far away from your colony.
One day a bunch of raiders appeared, and while I prepared for battle, and the raiders were already decimated by the traps I put, I was totally surprised the raiders stopped and attacked the just awakened Boomalopes. And boom they went! Now I understood why you don't keep them near.
After the battle there were 0 surviving raiders and 5 barely surviving Boomalopes. My doctor tried to tend them, but unfortunately he came a bit too late and was caught in the next explosion.
The remaining 4 Boomalopes were in real bad shape now, so I drafted the doctor back to the base to let them die. It's a miracle, but the Boomalopes stabilized themselves and healed.
Some days later, everyone and everything healed, I was alerted by an emergency: an animal urgently needs tending. Huh? A Boomalope. Why? It was healed completely! I looked, and I read: heart attack. Heart attack? Yes, a heart attack! What a game. I barely managed to move it away from everything else, then it blew up.
I verified the health of the remaining 3. Not good. Destroyed legs, destroyed kidney, and more. All from the raider attack. Next inconvenient blowup inevitable. Slaughter before they do? Not possible. Fortunately, a trader stopped by and I was able to sell them. I hope, he didn't blow up later.


Quote from: tertius on May 12, 2020, 02:51:34 PM
Fun with Boomalopes
Slaughter before they do? Not possible.

Pro tip - find some shallow water. Set up animal area for "to be slaughtered" boomalopes. Armour up you colonist and slughter them in water. They still explode and might harm the colonist, but they will not start any fires and you get the bunus meat.


for me its (my current game) using RoM mod and having a necromancer raise a corpse from some failed raiders. Few months later one of my other colonist asks it out for a date, mind you SHE is the one that originally killed the guy and the undead accepted. So now they are on a date which is amusing since the undead are incapable of social and talking so its pretty much a one sided date. Even more amusing is another colonist had asked it out for a date awhile go (it rejected that one). This must be one frigging charming zombie or my colonists have some serious mental issues.


The funniest in rimworld is 100 Antigrain IEDs/warheads exploding next to each other, causing extreme amounts of damage to the enemy base and causing a chain reaction(Note:An Antigrain IED or warhead exploding near or in your colony will damage/destroy any nearby items and incapacitate/kill any nearby pawns).
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Few days ago I did a Naked Brutality run. First colonist on the loadout screen looked decent. She had a husband in the randos so I grabbed him as well. Husband couldn't do medical but wife had a passion so I thought it would be okay.

First season went alright. Took me forever to get clothes as all the raiders were naked and I used the Megasloth wool to make them a bed (Soft Warm Beds mod), but otherwise went alright. Food was in decent supply, power grid was being built up, Lab blueprints were down... Then they got divorced for a silly reason. Conversation about beets or something like that.

Wife kept the bed and they continued surviving, albeit more awkwardly. Husband was the Chef and had a couple bad batches. They both fell ill for a while but it didn't seem like anything but a minor inconvenience.

Then the wife got an infection. I pulled out the herbal medicine (only stuff we had) and told her to self tend. She got a 0.68% quality. She stayed in bed for the most part, only getting up to eat (again, hubby can't do medical, and that apparently includes feeding people). Things were going alright and I was pretty sure she'd pull through.

Then about two days in she walked outside.

I can't say I blame her. She needed recreation and there wasn't enough space inside so the Horseshoe pin was in the backyard. halfway to it the infection hit major and (Major infection combined with the food poisoning) she fell. Husband got her to bed but couldn't feed her. She couldn't move and I was running out of options.

So I accepted the 108 year old dude who had an unknown threat after him.

I seriously want to read a book about this guy. He was, as I said, 108, but he was in perfect health. Kinda surprising given that he was incapable of medical.

Also the threat behind him was a raid so that ended poorly.

Still absolutely hilarious.


Had to take Tynan down..... and steal his clothes  ;D


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My Colony was overwhelmed by ~50 raiders and as the Man in black came, he had
0 Shooting
0 Melee
10 Intelectual

and shortly after entering my Base he had a "Sadly walking around" mental breakdown because: "Resctricting clothing"

Currently 9 of the 12 colonists are captured by the raiders.
But: Only one colonist was killed who'm I resurrected with the mech-serum.


Born with pleasure and patience.


Lots of stories, but a good recent one.

Multiplayer mod colony with a friend for a while. Building a good community, minding our own business, raising alpacas for fun and profit. Obviously Randy does not care for that at all. A group of about 25 pirates show up with intent on blasting our lovely town into smithereens with some hastily built mortars. Only a day after we finished cleaning up the last batch of jerks that stained our killing fields too...

"Okay then pirate scum, two can play that game!"

Draft our colonists to man the defenses and put our two best shots on our own mortars. The pirates had some high skilled construction people as they got their two mortars up as we were firing off our first salvo of high explosive shells.

Unluckily for our pirate "friends", the first round landed on top of their ammo, instantly killing a handful of raiders. A half dozen more were ignited by what I assume were incendiary rounds, as was much of the surrounding area. Two of them burned to death as the survivors made a valiant/stupid effort to attack anyway, with 10 fewer raiders, and half of those injured.

At that point we had to pause it for a while because our maniacal laughter was far to... maniacal to actually monitor the defenses.

Long story short after they inevitably broke like waves on the rocks that are our defense, we rounded behind them and slaughtered them to the man as a lesson to any one who might think of doing it again. Though in retrospect, if none live to tell the tale, who is to know?

Best part was we got two perfectly undamaged brand spanking new mortars out of the deal. Just had to run them out of the inferno.


Some events regarding the AI pawns:
- 10 mins after I starded new playthrough caravan arrived. They left me one of caravaneers who died due to carcioma in my backyard together with his shotgun.
- Beggars (or refugees?) arrived, I ignored them, got pop-up "refugees betrayed". Checked the situation. Cause? Heated argument between them resulted with one dead. That's right, one guy killed his fellow traveller and it also counts as betrayal.
- Another playthrough, taiga boreal forest. During winter, guy crash landed. I saved him, dragged into my base and treated his wounds. Once he was patched up, he just left. In the cold winter night. Before he left the map, he got severe hypothermia, mental break, wandered into the mud and lost conscioussness there. I didn't bother to save him again.

And one regarding my brawny doctor. He has a habit to brawl with guests. First he kicks them, then he has to tend their wounds :D