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  • June 04, 2020, 01:49:13 AM
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Author Topic: [1.1 - 10may2020] Blind Pawns still get 100% Light stat, also run fast  (Read 98 times)


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If a pawn is blind, they can still run around an unfamiliar base at full speed.  If you check their move speed, it includes:
Moving: x100% (100% importance)
Multiplier for Light 100%: x100%
The health multiplier should probably be adjusted for a pawn's sight when moving. Blind people are quite capable of moving at a decent speed IRL, but they do need to be careful about legos left out on the floor or chairs some idiot built in the middle of the sidewalk.  (This is not much of an issue at a personal workbench, as they will know where they keep their tools, etc)

The Light modifier should not apply for pawns with very minimal vision stats - they are used to moving around with minimal light, so ambient light doesn't matter as much.

I'm not blind, so I can't give a good estimate of appropriate adjustments.


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Good catch, will fix, thanks.