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  • July 12, 2020, 06:15:55 AM
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Author Topic: [Royalty 1.12624] ascent quest 'complete' after ruining relationship with Empire  (Read 121 times)


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Circumstances/what happened: I was attempting to win the game via the 'Royal Ascent' quest, but I made an error* before accepting the quest and accidentally ruined my relationship to the point that I became hostile with the Empire faction; the quest then disappeared. I then built my relationship with the Empire back up to 100.

Expected: to be re-offered the Royal Ascent quest once I had become friendly with the Empire again. However, I haven't been re-offered the quest and I just noticed that the quest is marked as 'complete' on my quests panel. Sure this can't be correct?

Steps to repeat: I have not tried this, but maybe lowering your relationship with the empire to hostile and then raising it again to neutral/ally?


*It's probably not relevant, but to ruin my relationship with the Empire I accidentally kidnapped a downed member of an Empire janissary squad after I had called the squad in to help me destroy an enemy base. He was downed, and I left the map with him, thinking that I was doing him a favour and could heal him back at my base, but it counted as a capture and the Empire was not pleased.


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The quest should reappear after 30 days, so it's working as intended. The "quest completed" message should be adjusted though, thanks!