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Author Topic: Pirates of the Rim: the Curse of the Black Diamond  (Read 909 times)


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Pirates of the Rim: the Curse of the Black Diamond
« on: May 28, 2020, 08:13:38 PM »

Custom Scenario: Brigands, 1.1. with Royalty

Chapter 1:

Pirate Encampment: Rimworld B18741

The raucous bar that stood at the center of the pirate encampment was a den of debauchery and mayhem. Men and women were crammed in around the bar slamming back shots and mixed drinks spiked with yayo and smokeleaf while pumping electronic music blarred through crude speakers in the ceiling. Fights were frequent at this establishment but none had broken out this evening so far…

Captain Jack Crow of the Black Diamond was using this occasion to plot his next move while his crew was taking shore leave. He was sitting around a long wooden table with Sasa, James, Vicky, Vaughn, and Kenna, five pirates that had come forward as potential prospects. Jack was a tall man, with a long black beard, an eye patch and a hook for one of his hands. It was said that he lost an eye to a rabid squirrel while the hand had been shot clean off by a mechanoid’s charge lance. No one knew if the stories were true or not. None dared to ask.

Sasa was the unofficial leader of the pirate outfit. She was a hefty woman with short hair and plenty of attitude. She was constantly alert, in the way that only a coffee, or a wake up addict could be. 

Jack: Yeh will be startin off as prospects. That means all the worst jobs. Also yeh may need ta watch your back. I hear the Captain of these, “Land Pirates” ain’t take it kindly when people walk out on im.

Sasa nodded: The five of us have run together a long time. We know the score around here. We’re willing to take the risks if it means a shot at getting off world.

Jack smirked, he had heard the same line so many times before, another desperate bunch of rimworlder trying to climb up out of the gravity well, usually failing in the process.

Jack: Why is it that every rimworlder I meet wants to get off world? Yah think the core would tolerate the likes of scum like us? Maybe you want to vacation on a medieval world sometime, or try out a barely terraformed rock with poison for air? Not to mention, yah could always decompress or fry from radiation in deep space. Yah ask me this place ain’t so bad. But your business is your business. And now, your business is to help my business. So let me fill yah in on the job I got planned for yah…

Chapter 2:

Five drop pods streaked through the night sky before landing with a resounding boom in the middle of a forest near the ruins of Highway 50. Moment later Sasa, James, Vicky, Vaughn, and Kenna emerged and started to unload their gear.

James gestured to a nearby ruined home. “We could patch that up and use it as a base.” Sasa nodded as she grabbed a triple rocket launcher from the drop pod. “Good idea, let’s get all of our stuff stashed away first. We’ll camp up out in the building. Then tomorrow night, we’ll proceed to the target.”

Chapter 3:

The next night, the pirates made their approach on the Imperial base. They were hauling 4 triple rocket launchers and an orbital bombardment targeting system.

Once they reached an rocky outcrop, Sasa motioned for the group to come close together.

Sasa quietly laid out the plan: “Alright, we’ll get as close as we can without alerting them. I’ll laze the base with the targeting system. Once the target is locked in, the Black Diamond will blow the hell out of this place. After that, we’ll mop up any stragglers with the rocket launchers. You get me?” 
 James nodded: “I’m gonna enjoy this fireworks show. It’s about time these arrogant SOBs get what’s comin to them.”

Just then an alarm started blaring from the Imperial base followed by the sound of a mortar shell flying through the air.

Sasa, “Everybody move, it move it. Let’s go!”   

The pirates took off at a break neck speed, heading for the closest rocky outcrop to the base.

Moments later the mortar shall landed directly on the top of the position that the group had previously occupied. As she looked to her left, Sasa saw Vicky go flying through the air before landing a few feet away. She kept running, but noticed Kenna going back to check on her. “Wrong move Kenna,” she muttered under her breathe. Either they were going to kill the base or the base was going to kill them. Within 30 seconds they would know which it was going to be.

Once they reached the last alcove before the base, Vaughn slung the triple rocket launcher over her shoulder and aimed for the mortar. Vaughn, “Adios muchacho!” Vaughn screamed before pulling the trigger. Moments later the mortar and the Imperial soldier manning it disappeared in a fiery explosion.

  Sasa leaned out the side of the rock formation and pointed the orbital targeter at the base. “Start counting.”
One, two, three. Their position started to take on assault rifle fire from the barricades. Four, five, six, Sasa’s ears exploded as James and Vicky returned fire with their triple rocket launchers. Seven, eight, nine. The air was filled with panicked screaming from the Imperial soldiers and the shouting of an officer who was trying to reform a firing line.

10… Everyone was knocked flat on the ground as a massive wave of depressurization in the atmosphere flattened everything with the force of a powerful tornadoe. This was followed moments later by an earth shattering explosion that leveled 2/3 of the Imperial base and all of the remaining Imperial soldiers. The firestorm even extended outwards from the base and lit much of the vegetation on fire. The Imperials didn’t even have time to scream.

Sasa awoke sometime later to the sound of rainfall. She was greeted by James’ stupid looking grin. “Have a good nap Sasa? You missed out on the best part. The loot!” The man was sporting an auto shotgun, undoubtedly picked from a dead Imperial solider.

Sasa snickered as she got herself to her feet. “I hope we found more than just a shot gun. Please tell me this job wasn’t a bust?”

James shrugged. “These Imperials have some kind of chest implant that burns their gear up when they die. Only reason I pulled this shotgun was that the guy wasn’t quite dead yet when I yanked it from him. We got a few other things though, a battery, couple of mini gun turrets, ummm, some food.”

Sasa looked dismayed. “You see any computer stuff in there? That’s what the captain wanted us to look for.”

Vaughn stepped forward and reached into the pocket of a flak jacket, obviously something else that had been picked off of a dying soldier. He pulled out a mobile computing device. “I found this in the wreckage. Looks like it fit the description.” He snickered. “Like my new jacket?”

Sasa didn’t respond immediately as she was surveying the absolute wreckage of the base. There were dozens of charred black corpses thrown everywhere. All but one of the buildings had been leveled completely. Despite the rain, the fires were still burning in some parts of the compound.  This was devastation unheard of, even for a hardened rimworld pirate.

Sasa snatched the mobile device and looked it over. “This better be worth it. We just made it to the top of the Empire’s most wanted list.”

Chapter 4: Imperial Command Center: Eastern Continent

Praetor Ammicus had just finished his morning breakfast when the reports starting coming in from the fleet. A pirate ship, disguised as a trade vessel, had opened fire on an Imperial settlement, approximately 500 miles from his present location. Light fighter craft from the fleet were deployed to intercept, but the pirate vessel had escaped the fleet and was believed to be on its way back to the notoriously pirate infested asteroid belt. It would be months, if not years before the fleet could muster the resources to pursue the pirates that far out, but that was Fleet Command’s problem. He now had a different problem entirely.

Esquire Hamil pensively waited on the Praetor to speak as he observed the praetor pour through the reports, but eventually lost his patience.

Hamil: My Lord, I heard about the attack on the settlement. May I inquire as to who the culprits may be?

Ammicus looked up from the reports and shook his head: A pirate ship I’m afraid. They think it was the Black Diamond.

Hamil frowned: Are there any survivors?

Ammicus nodded: It seems that Count Doku survived the attack. He’s been broadcasting a remote distress signal about a mile from the settlement. Our orders are to rescue him and any other survivors.

Hamil: Understood my Lord, I’ll ready the drop pods at once. Should we expect a hostile presence?

Amicus nodded: Yes, a precision orbital bombardment like that would have required  someone on the ground to lock in on the target, and that makes our rescue mission that much more urgent. Spare no precaution in your search Esquire.

Hamil nodded: Yes my Lord, it will be done. Hamil bowed to the Praetor and departed. 

Chapter 5:   

At day break, Sasa and the pirates resumed trekking down the road to their hide out. They had been on the road for less than an hour when they came upon a strange traveler. The man was dressed elegantly in royal attire and had a solid silver crown upon his head.

Sasa snickered before muttering quietly. “Looks like we caught ourselves a big fish, let me do the talking. Just make sure he don’t run off or nothin.”

 Sasa maneuvered herself out in front of the traveler, careful to keep her auto pistol concealed in her pants while the rest of the group quietly converged behind the man.

Sasa: Good Morning there stranger, you lost?

The royal looked a little bewildered and annoyed at the intrusion:

Doku: Excuse me, I am Count Doku of the Empire, you may address me as your grace or your lordship.

Sasa replied sarcastically: Alright your Lord-SHIP. Is there anything me and my friends can do to help you out, you seem a little lost?

Doku: Well it is funny that you mention that. My Summer estate is actually not too far from here, but I ended up wandering far off when my cat went missing. And then when nightfall came, I witnessed my home being incinerated from the sky. Tell me, do strange things like that happen often on this world?

Sasa nodded: Pretty much all the time.

Doku: Well all the more reason for me to return to the Imperial fleet then. I therefore entreat you and your lieges to take me to the nearest Imperial settlement and afterwards I shall allow you the privilege of serving as my Yeoman.

Sasa smiled: Wow, a royal title, that sounds like a really good deal. But I’ve got a better plan. How about this. You come with us, and in exchange, Vaughn over there won’t blow your head off with his shotgun? Sound good?”

Doku grimaced as he felt the long barrel of Vaughn’s auto shotgun pressing into his upper back and neck.

Doku: Ahh brigands. I figured as much. Very well, I’ll endure this indignity until my ransom is paid then.  But rest assured the Imperial army will not rest until you have paid for your crimes.

Sasa grinned: Well I guess we should all walk a little faster then. Come on Doku ol pal It’s time for us to show you to your new royal estate!

James grabbed a hold of Doku’s arms and placed a pair of hand cuffs around the count’s wrists while Vaughn proceeded to poke and prod the count’s back with his shot gun as a way to get the royal moving quickly. The count was taken to the run down home they had first set up as a temporary base.

Chapter 6:

The pirates spent the next few days setting up and expanding their base of operations. Among the higher priorities was the setting up of a communications array and a drug lab for cooking up wake up. Sasa was hoping to break into selling drugs as a nice side business for the outfit, but unfortunately drug use among the group was rampant. Most of the group were addicted to psychite and wake up, which had a tendency to really cut into their profits.

Once the communication console was set up, Sasa was able to make contact with Captain Jack.

Sasa: We got what we came for, and more. Captured a royal ta boot. Can you send a shuttle down here to pick us up?

Jack: Ahh yeah, about that Sasa. We caught a lot of flak from the Imperial fleet, so we had to bug out and we’re on our way to the asteroid belt now.

Sasa: What the %$#@ are you talking about? That wasn’t the deal. We got you  whatever was on that computer chip, and now you’re supposed to get us off world. Turn your ship around and get a shuttle down here right now. 

Jack: Sasa, Sasa, Captain Jack never goes back on his word. Now as it so happens, I happen to have the coordinates to an old Imperial interstellar transport and I’m going to send it ta yah right now. If you can reach it, it’s yours free and clear. And because I’m so generous I’ll get word out to the other pirates in the belt. You’ll have plenty of trade ships coming by. So even if yah don’t want to leave, you should be sittin pretty.

Sasa: You better hope I don’t get off world Jack, cause when I do, I’ll be coming to pay you a visit. She punched the communication console and disconnected the call.

Chapter 7:

The next few weeks were spent hunting for food, cooking up wake up, and selling it off to trade ships in exchange for better weaponry. But the pirates were unable to find someone to pay the royal’s ransom payment, and Imperial forces were closing in...

Chapter 8:

Esquire Hamil walked around charred and blackened ruins of the Imperial base with a dour expression. The suppression squad had so far failed to locate Count Doku. At the moment, the troops had set about the grim task of digging a mass grave for their fallen comrades. Silently, Hamil vowed to take vengeance on the pirates that had done this.

Just then, Corporal Pericles stepped forward:

Pericles: Sir, our scouts have spotted a trade ship landing at a site not too far from here. We’re not aware of any settlements in the area.

Hamil nodded: It might just be outlanders. Send the scouts in to investigate and keep me informed.     

Chapter 9:

Sasa was sitting down in the kitchen hovel, haggling over the price of Count Doku with the slave ship captain Reynalds. 

Sasa: Look that scratch he got from the fight with the other prisoner. You’re blowing it way out of proportion. It didn’t get infected. He’s fine. He’s worth the full 2500 and you know that.

Reynalds snickered: Well if he’s worth 2500 and I pay you 2500, then where’s my profit margin?

Sasa: Alright, that’s a fair point, how’s 1700 sound then?

Reynalds: Throw in a bit of wake up to sweeten the deal?

Sasa nodded: Deal.

Sasa collected the money and counted it carefully before sliding a package of wake up across the table to the captain. “So where yah heading next?”

Reynalds: When I’m done here back to the belt I suppose. What about you Sass?”

Sasa: We’re heading south, where it’s warmer, this place is too cold.

She turned to James and Vaughn who had been lurking around the table, smoking a couple of flake joints.

Sasa: You two, go get the count and load him onto the captain’s ship eh?

James and Vaughn didn’t respond immediately, but kind of stared lazily at her.

Sasa waved her hand in front of them: “Hello, anyone home, what are you two stupid? Go get the guy and load him in the ship!”

James and Vaughn shuffled off glumly. Moments later, gun fire erupted all over the compound.

Sasa forgot about the captain and launched herself at break neck speed toward the sounds of the gunfire, snatching up a heavy SMG along the way. She quickly got into cover behind some rocks next to James and Vaughn who were shooting at targets in the distance.

Sasa looked at the nearby slave ship.

Sasa: Where’s the royal?

James ducked down behind the rocks and started loading a spare magazine from his pants into his assault rifle.

“We got him on the ship, so we’re good to go.”

Sasa momentarily lost hearing as Vaughn lit up the tree line with a long burst of fire from his LMG. When her hearing returned she heard Vaughn shout.

“Targets are breaking off.”

 Sasa peered out over the treeline, and caught a parting glimpse of two heavily armored men, falling back deeper into the forest and out of site.

Sasa: “They looked like Imperial scouts to me. That means there’s a bigger force not far out. Everyone get your gear packed up, we’re leaving tonight.

James : What direction we heading?

Sasa: We’re going North. She smirked. 

Chapter 10:

One day later, the Imperial force arrived at the pirate’s hideout, only to find it abandoned. Esquire Hamil had to hold his breathe as he waded through the filthy hovel of a home that the pirates had used as a base. Trash, dirt, and crude drug paraphenalia were strewn everywhere. In the corner, he noticed that a flake joint was still burning.

They can’t be very far, he thought.

Pericles walked into the hovel, and grimaced at the pungent smell.

Hamil looked over at him: “Well, have you set up the Comms Console yet?”

Pericles: Yes sir, the Praetor is on the line for you.

Hamil nodded and walked over to the comms console to take the call.

Hamil: Praetor, we have located the pirate encampment, but the scoundrels have fled, presumably with the count. Permission to launch pursuit at once.

Ammicus: That won’t be necessary Esquire. Fleet Command was able to intercept and detain the slave ship that left the encampment. Count Doku is safe and the slaver is in custody.

Hamil felt relieved but also annoyed at his superior’s willingness to let the scum pirates escape justice: “Praetor, these are likely the same pirates that attacked the base. I wish to bring the Stellarch’s justice to them and avenge our fallen comrades.”

Ammicus: Hamil, your thirst for justice is admirable, but you would just as likely be walking into a trap. Remember, our numbers are not as great as our enemies. We must exercise caution. Rest assured, the Stellarch will punish the pirates severely in good time. Your new orders are to remain where you are and wait for a shuttle to come take you back to base.

Hamil paused for a long moment, thinking about the harsh consequences of disobeying his Praetor, balancing against his strong desire to avenge his fallen comrades. 

Hamil: Praetor, your last transmission was not received. I am pursuing the pirate scum now. I will attempt to set up a new connection this evening.

Hamil turned to Pericles:

Hamil: Hamil, have your dogs picked up a scent?

Pericloes nodded: Aye, sir, the pirates fled north up the road. Shall we pursue?

Hamil nodded: Yes, pursue them with all due haste.



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Re: Pirates of the Rim: the Curse of the Black Diamond
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2020, 10:26:35 AM »

Chapter 11:

Two Years Later: Imperial Command Center, Eastern Continent:

After Hamil disobeyed a direct order and pursued the pirated, they managed to slip away again. This resulted in his demotion and humiliation. It took him a year to obtain the title of Knight again, then he surpassed it and became Praetor. Many thought he would never rise again. He had proved them wrong.

Meanwhile Sasa's brigands fled to the far north, where it was almost winter year round. Her brigands continued to attack and rob outlander travelers on the roads, while looting mechanoid filled crypts along the way. Eventually though, they got complacent and settled down for a long time. They had accumulated a massive stash of drugs and were  starting to get high constantly. It was this complacency that gave the Empire an opening...

One day Hamil was at the command center when he came across an interesting report from fleet intelligence. A message from the Black Diamond to a group of pirates had been intercepted. The message was from none other than captain Jack himself. The contents of the message were still being decrypted, but they knew that the message was being sent to a pirate camp far off to the north. Hamil wondered if Jack was planning another attack on the Empire and decided he didnt want to wait around to find out.

Hamil motioned to his page.

Hamil: Ready me a shuttle a small landing party, along with two mortar crews. We're going to clear out some vermin...

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Re: Pirates of the Rim: the Curse of the Black Diamond
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2020, 10:57:53 AM »

Chapter 12: Sasa's Demise

Meanwhile, Sasa and the rest of her crew were lounging about getting high. They had just buried James. He had died from an overdose of yayo. No one cared, and no one was deterred to keep the good times rolling. A few weeks before that, Sasa had murdered Vicky after the two got in an argument. No one seemed to care about that either.

The communications console started to light up, but Sasa waved a hand when someone moved to answer. "Let it ring, they can leave a message on my voicemail," she said with a smirk. She inhaled on the flake joint and exhaled some smoke.

Sasa: I'll be honest, I don't care about finding the space ship anymore. We've been making bank out here robbing these travelers, looting these crypts. I mean life is good. So let's just stay here until it ain't.

Just then an Imperial shuttle thundered across the horizon, appearing to land behind a hill not far from the base.

When the pirates heard the shuttle they stumbled out of their trash filled hovel in a drug induced daze.

Kenna: Sasa, the Empire's here. We gotta get out of here!

Sasa shook her head in disbelief as a large Imperial Suppression squad led by Hamil were seen rounding the hill. Sasa half expected them to charge straight at them and their turrets, but they were smarter than that. Instead, the Imperials started setting up mortars.

Sasa: A siege then. Fine, we'll wait em out, then kill em all when they charge in.

Moments later, Sasa exploded as the very first mortar shell slammed into her body directly, sending blood and guts flying all over the place.

Kenna shouted loudly. Come on everyone grab the loot and run, let's go!

But the pirates were too slow and too greedy, scores of mortar shells pounded the base as the pirates scrambled to gather up the mountains of drugs, gold, silver, weapons, and other loot they had accumulated. The mortars took their toll, killing another two and injuring Kenna and a new recruit named Victor.

Hamil watched the devastation with a measure of satisfaction. Though he had longed to dispatch the pirates up close with his monosword, he found this vengeance satisfying none the less.

Hamil: They're done for now. Pursue the ones that got away. Take them alive if possible.

About half an hour later, the surviving two pirates surrendered.

Hamil looked on the pirates with contempt.

Hamil: I should order you both executed. But today you shall know the Stellarch's mercy. I sentence you to life in an Imperial prison camp.

Hamil gestured to a nearby soldier.

Hamil: When they reach the camp, be sure to have a mind screw installed in both of them, lest they think our justice is weak.




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Re: Pirates of the Rim: the Curse of the Black Diamond
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2020, 03:03:35 PM »


35 Years Later

Kenna spent the next 35 years of her life serving in an Imperial Prison camp doing hard labor in a rock quarry. The hard labor, combined with the mind screw installed in her brain, slowly but surely broke down her will.

Now she was an older woman, and longed for a quick death.

One day, she woke up to the sound of gun fire and shouting. Before she and the other prisoners could take cover, someone kicked the door to the prisoner's barracks down.

A group of rough and tumble pirates walked into the barracks. Their leader was a woman, taller and thinner than Sasa, but a tough look on her nonetheless.

Dana: Listen up. My name is Dana. This is my group of brigands. We're here to plunder and steal from anyone that gets in our way. Since you bunch dont have anything worth stealing, I'll let yah go. But anyone wants to join up, we'll take you. Just know this, even think about double crossing me and I'll shoot you down. Don't listen to me and shoot you down. Don't move quick enough when I tell you to do something, and I'll shoot you down.

Kenna thought about it for a long time. She had a chance to walk away a free woman, and maybe get away from the pirate life she had left behind. But then realized there was no such thing as a normal life on this rimworld. The only way out was to get off.

Kenna stepped forward: I know where there's an interstellar transport hidden away. If you let me join, I'll show you where it is.

The End