[1.1.2654] "Ship To The Stars" - String Error?

Started by DreamHollow, June 06, 2020, 10:57:51 PM

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1. What were the circumstances?

It seems to be a minor bug, but it's persistant across all of my save files. The quest "Ship To The Stars" displays a weird string variant.

"A friendly AI from your past named <Name>Charlon Whitestone</Name> has sent you a message!"

I figured this had to be some kind of string error because I'm at least a little bit familiar with programming; at least enough to recognize when a displayed string isn't displaying correctly.

2. What happened?

String displayed incorrectly during quest. Does not seem to change regardless of interaction with it.

"Trashing" the quest obviously fixing nothing, but I tried it anyway to see if it would correct itself. No luck. Still broken.

3. What I expected to happen?

I don't know how RimWorld displays strings but I guess now I have an idea of *how* they're supposed to be displayed, and clearly this one has broken in deployment.

4. Steps to make it happen on developers' machines.

I'll be completely honest, I have no idea. I'm not sure if anyone else has this bug or how this happened in the first place.

5. Included savegame?

Sure. Downloadable.

6. Log file?

There isn't much there, but I'll provide that, too.


Happen with the same safegame here too. So it isn't an installation problem.