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  • August 03, 2020, 01:10:25 PM
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Author Topic: [1.1.2654] Cannot Tame Animals "No Usable Food" when there is plenty of food  (Read 73 times)


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Never used a mod, no mods now. Started a new game today. Wanted to tame some wild animals, specifically donkeys and muffalo. Harvested a bunch of berries, but the pawn never tried to tame them. I tried right clicking on the animals, but it said "no usable food" even though there were berries lying around everywhere, which always worked when I played the game a few months ago. The only way I could get my pawn to tame an animal was to form a caravan, manually tell the pawn to add the berries to the caravan, then right click on the animals, and then it said I could try taming them. Then I would cancel the caravan so that the pawn didn't leave after the taming attempts. The pawn doesn't seem to be keeping any food in their inventory for taming/training purposes. Not sure why this is, so I thought perhaps it was a bug or glitch or something. Is there a fix other than forcing food into the pawn's inventory with a caravan? Some command I am as yet unaware of for telling a pawn to keep something in their inventory?

EDIT: Extremely confused. The pawn started carrying around berries now, and is doing animal handling on their own. Could it be that pawns only want to deal in full stacks of food now? I still think this might be some kind of bug.

Second Edit: The game also claimed there was no usable food to feed a prisoner when I had small stacks of berries and rice, and my pawn only fed the prisoner after the stacks were consolidated into larger ones.
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Could you please upload a savefile where this happens?