[1.0-1.1] RimBees - 4.0 (30/07/20)

Started by SargBjornson, November 06, 2018, 06:12:02 AM

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Hello Sarg

I tested the new options on the extreme hot planet (min rainfall & max temp.) in the desert biome. at the beginning game starts in winter time and biome has mild and temperate hives to start with and if you manage to built your green house before summer. bees can be the main source for the colony.

then I tested this in the extreme cold planet (max rainfall & min temp.) sea ice biome.

since there are no wild bees existed in this biome at the start, I have to rely on the traders to buy the first bees. it took too long (almost 1 year) for me to wait for a trade ship to come with bees to be sold (this is the first problem) and after I made the silver transaction bees are landing on an open area and there is no way to get the bees inside any building on time because they are just destroyed as soon as they landed on the ground in temperatures of -32celcius.

instead of selling the bees without cover maybe traders can sell them as you find them on the wildlife with the hives and maybe you can increase the time destroying the hive little bit longer in the case of exposure of extreme weather conditions...

so desert biome is OK but ice biome is NOK for the bees so there is no way to reach the arctic bees in the game...

in my opinion, the remaining features are great. bees are giving growth boost to plants, bee production is balanced...
you may leave the mod as this way
you can add other features in the game if you want to upgrade the mod like
(some ideas)

-some bees can give a greatly increased boost to plants growth instead of giving honey
-weaponizing the bees
-poisoned honey can be used to produce poisoned gas canisters for the raiders
-some other glitter world products can be made out from level 5-6 bee products

just giving you some feed back...


Is there a container that would be good for storing bees? I've tried the ones from DeepStorage, but only the tall shelf seems to have the bee tab.


Tall shelfs can store 8 stacks, so build 2 shelfs, one for queen one for drones, that should cover all need for the beginning. Later you can build 2 more shelfs.
And once you got more then 50 of a stack you can made kibble out of them.


I am surprised nobody has yet requested an 1.1 update. So I do :)


Hi SargBjornson. You have created a good mod. But I have a problem with it. I can't get Adaptive and Alloy bees. With breeding (amalgam+hydrid) firstly I had nutritious bee. After I had technological and neutro respectively. Next time it was neutro too. What should I do? What`s wrong?


i don't think you did anything wrong. You just got bad luck.
With the picture from the 1. page you can see you can get all 5 tier2 bee's from the same combination, you just need to let them breed more and you will get the wanted bee after some time.


I tried a lot of times. Such problem with Bittersweet Bee. Agricultural have, lactic and egglaying have, insectoid, insectoid, insectoid, insectoid... Bad luck? I try again and again ;D


Yep, bad luck. If there are 5 combinations, each of them has a 20% chance on each cycle of the hybridization chamber


Huge, and I mean it, update:


Complete retexture of the mod from the ground up. All graphics of the mod have been updated to look more vanilla
Small changes to code work scanner handling to reduce lag
Rain check now just looks for rainfall amount in the current weather, to support modded weathers and biomes
Added compatibility for Tar Pits and Pyroclastic Conflagration in Alpha Biomes
Moved the wax candles a bit up so they can be placed on top of furniture
Preserved meat is now Graphic_StackCount
Fixed Advanced Biomes patch


Hello Sarg

I played after the new revision in an extreme hot planet (summer 80-90 celsius) with a tribal colony. I made the base running on rimbees.
with the additional options I started with the option of greenhouse bees.
at the beginning it was very difficult to make the first bee houses because it demands 50 woods and in extreme biomes its very difficult to obtain wood. I go for hibrit bees and finally go to desert bees. after that point it became more easy to run the base.

it looks you made a very good mod. its smooth and balanced. for making the mod more easy or difficult you can add more mod option such as limiting the wax usage. you can use the wax on almost in everything (from contruction to complex furnatures)
to make the mod easy you can allow stone materials to make the bee houses etc...

For the future if you care about some ideas I kindly suggest maybe you can add poison bees and poison can be milked from them and poisoned weapons can be added (like poisonous bullets, poisoned gas etc..) even bees can be used as weaponized and can thow them with a mortar and crowded enemies can be damaged by time.

cool mod and thanks for the effort...



Military bees are planned, yeah :)

Selecting things such as those with options is not easy, though. Those values are fixed on the XMLs, and to change it I'd need to transpile base game methods with Harmony, which is something I try to avoid unless strictly neccessary


one other thing

if its possible can it be arranged that the bee house and surrounding equipment available to be rotated?