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  • April 21, 2021, 07:01:38 AM
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Author Topic: What's the strangest thing you have ever seen/heard of in your life?  (Read 527 times)


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Hello guys, I just wanna ask you that the strangest thing you have ever seen/heard in your life. Please give me a brief description and a super long reason that who/what caused it, when did it happen and where did that happen. Please do not answer anything about Rimworld(you can if you like) and do not abuse my post. Thank you.
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Re: What's the strangest thing you have ever seen/heard of in your life?
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2020, 05:38:08 AM »

several years back, midwinter at around 4 am I got woken up by a really bright ghostly light being cast on my wall originating from the kitchen
At first I thought it was just a car passing by but the light kept waving about in really really irregular pattern, and way too steady for someone to be waving a flashlight or anything like that
 so naturally to my 4am pooped up mind the next logical explanation was a ghost, and I was legit scared there
thankfully it left me alone after awhile so I could try get back to sleep

but then about a minute later, the light returns and starts dancing about again in what I thought was very mocking manner like "Oh you trying to sleep huuuhhh? toooo baaaaadddd"
at this point I got highly annoyed, I just wanted to sleep
So I got out of the bed, buffed up my chest and tried to look as big as poss and strafed right to the door and get ready to hecking punch a ghost


It's just a snowplow truck in the distance, plowing snow as they do, going back and forth
it had one of those whirling alert lights on top
the "ghostly" light pattern was just a spinny light coupled with the truck's movement