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Author Topic: Rimworld Roleplay (All Welcome)  (Read 365 times)


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Rimworld Roleplay (All Welcome)
« on: September 01, 2020, 09:07:57 PM »

Let's roleplay with our favorite rim world characters! This could be some fun collective story telling. Try to stick to vanilla themes. I.E. No warhammer 40K/starwars/ anything else. This is rimworld RP.

Rules: No violence. (For now)

The setting: It was a rimworld but no one could agree on its name. The tribals had one name for it, the outlanders called it something else. The more recently arrived Empire also had their own name for it. Each faction claimed the world for its own, but no one could control it. The Empire had the strongest army by far, and a powerful fleet in orbit. But their numbers were far smaller than the other factions and their people were weary of war. And so, the Empire had settled into a grinding low intensity conflict with its neighbors, interspersed with temporary ceasefires much as all the other factions had with each other so long ago.

But there were some neutral places where any man or woman from any faction could spend a night in peace, buy a drink at a bar, and trade.

Bartertown was one of those places. It was a wooden walled community in a temperate forest with a moderate temperature, (30 day growing period) and it was run by a minor splinter outlander faction and ruled by a fierce warrior of a woman, believed to have been a former tribal.

Anyone could come to barter or trade in an open aired market, buy a drink at the bar, shoot some pool, hire a prostitute, or watch some nonsense on a black and white tube television.

It was fall in Bartertown and business was busy. Everyone was coming to make their last trades before the harsh winter set in

Artur arrived on his donkey at nightfall. He was a tall broad shouldered man with a bald head. He wore a leather parka, leather pants, and a cloth tuque over his head and carried an assault rifle with him. When he arrived at Bartertown, he checked his assault rifle in with the gate guard who gave him a quick pat down just to make sure he wasn't sneaking anything in. That was the rules, of the town, no weapons.

Once he had checked in he stabled his donkey and made his way to the bar. He was looking forward to drinking heartily this evening before turning himself in at the guest room.