[TOOL] RimDef - A Rimworld XML definition browser

Started by m1st4x, September 14, 2020, 01:46:45 PM

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A Rimworld XML definition browser

It's been made to have an overview of what each mod adds into the game.

How to use:
1. Set path to Rimworld root directory
2. Filter by mod and definition-type
3. Select def to show details (description, recipe info, texture, xml-view)

More features to come:
- browse core definitions
- additional information for more def-types
- xml editing

It's work in progress - any ideas are welcome!

-Version 1.0
  • Initial release
-Version 1.1

  • Multi version support
  • Core definitions for RW 1.1+
  • Show base stats for all def-types
  • Improved recipe details

Download at github.

Prebuilt executable is provided.
Written in VS2019 / C# .NET 4.5.2

Check it out and leave me a comment.




i just got an idea.
Since you browser the /mods folder and basicly create a database of all defs of them, isn't it possible to safe that as a meta mod ?
My intention are to speedup the loading/startup process, maybe rimworld is faster when it just need to browser one big mod then 100+ small ones.


RimDef is parsing each mod on demand.
Reading all at once takes its time depending on the amount of mods.
Sure Rimworld already has a good xml parser doing that job.


Ok, so you don't see an advance to combine them all to speed up the loading.
It just was an idea.


Anyway - thanks for the input! Though I don't see how to speed up the loading time in that way.

RimDef is more meant to be a information/modding tool.
No more searching hundrets of directories and files to find some information.

Just released an update with new features!

Do you guys think it is a useful tool in general?

I haven't done much modding so far...
Most things that came into my mind have been done already or it's too much to go by my own.
So if someone needs a helping hand for a interesting project, let me know ;)



Wow this is awesome thanks,
but does this mod conflict with in game def editor ? ( I mean prepared carefully and in game char editor conflicted so I ask just in case )

Does this offers an option to add more traits ?



RimDef is a stand-alone application, not a mod, so no conflicts at all.
Editing the definitions within the tool is not implemented so far.
If you're interested, I can add this feature - not a big deal.


Seem not working if i use it on Rimworld steam version.


Did you set the path to Rimworld root directory?
Not the /Mods folder!


yes it is not working.
i try to set it on the Rimworld root, insite the steam folder.
Maybe because my mod is downloaded with steam workshop? as the mod location is not in the Rimworld root. Well i try to target the mod folder but it still not working.


Okay, can you give me the directory structure of your steam installation?
I'll then try to adapt it


I'm posting in here since i see you updated the git 19 days ago

so steam has a Steam workshop folder, so items downloaded from the steam workshop go into a separate file structure.


is how mine is set up. if you include an optional 2nd file path for a workshop directory, they'd put in the 294100 (rimworld's steam ID i think) and then every folder in there is a mod with the normal architecture.

like B:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\708455313\About\About.xml as an example for where the about file might be

workshop location is changeable, so it'd be best if people manually entered it, like mine is on a separate drive from rimworld

edit: could you make this so it compiles Defs after Xpaths are applied?

that's why I found this program and what I'm looking for. Something is causing a mod's patch to fail and the only thing i can think of is a third mod is patching the def, because it looks like it should be working.


Hey mate, thanks for the information. I'm working on it.

Q: what's the path of the core module in the steam version?


Just in case your still looking. Here's how to find the rimworld core and royalty and ideology.
Here's where the steam workshop mods are:
I am really looking forward to your application as I have the same problem I can't figure out who is causing problems through XML errors. If you need help I am interested, I'm not that good but I am a quick study.