Warn players about the items they are gifting via a royalty shuttle.

Started by Pangolin Wranglin, August 22, 2020, 08:30:02 PM

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Pangolin Wranglin

I just accidentally gave away 3 of my best colonists because I clicked the wrong thing because I had forgotten how exactly delivering quest items with shuttles was handled. Rather than flying to/near the base to deliver shirts as part of a quest I clicked "Gift to faction" or whatever when I launched the shuttle. There is no warning or anything informing you as to what you are about to do which strikes me as odd.

I think the game should give some form of verification as to what you are giving away, like a manifest of the colonists/items you are sending, along with an "are you sure you want to give away XYZ for X amount of standing?" to avoid the frustration of accidentally giving away useful stuff.


I don't always give useless pawns to other factions. But when I do, they have a luciferium addiction.

And one kidney.