Deterministic raiding parties

Started by Anduin1357, October 26, 2020, 07:29:02 AM

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I remember that there was some watchtower mod where you could set up a structure and man it to get advance warning and vision on nearby travelling caravans and raiders. I think the last time I saw it, it was a [1.0] mod.

If the game could be made a bit more deterministic about raids and raid strength where you could kill or really hurt enemy settlements to stymie raiders, that would really help end-game colonies ease the pressure off all the bandits trying to make off with the dragon's hoard.

And of course, some kind of high power jammer to ward off mechanoids, and preventing insectoid infestations if there's no drilling or digging happening. (By moving all the mining to another location and a lot of pods)

There's gotta be a way to 'win', and losing in the end-game should be something political about factions and blood feuds, no way some random raiders gonna knock down those walls!

Solarius Scorch

You probably mean the Spotted mod. It has a 1.2 version, released by Mlie:

As for your other questions, sorry, I don't know of any mod which could do exactly that.


Many thanks!

The rest was just me venting ahaha.

EDIT: Actually, I found the specific mod that matches my [request] and supersedes the Spotted mod!

Preemptive Strike (Fork) (1.2)