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  • January 24, 2021, 02:40:44 PM
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Author Topic: Pawns won't die (even headless, without limbs and infinite bleeding)  (Read 143 times)


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Please, I need some help 🙁 I've been experiencing a gamebreaking glitch: Pawns that won't die. Bleedings that freeze at 0 seconds. "Finish off" cuts that cause an infinite amount of neck or torso stabs and hyperbolic percentage of bleeding (which causes extreme lag and usually breaks the game). Sometimes, those pawns  present themselves as "walking torsos" (after taking lots of shots, only the graphical representation of the torso remains (despite the pawn's heath info appoint "Torso 0/40, in gray". I've searched around to see what mod or what issue could be causing this, but didn't managed to find anything. Does anyone experienced the same issue and/or know what could be causing this?

I've uploaded the error log to github ( Logs nº 2642, 2655, 2688, 2679, 2692, 2757 and 2770 are definetly about this error. I've attached an SS for more reference.

This glitch is so frustrating 🙁. Despite being able to use developer mod to "destroy" the pawn, but this solution doesn't actually resolve the problem.