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  • January 28, 2021, 11:28:35 AM
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Author Topic: PET ON DRUG  (Read 249 times)


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« on: November 27, 2020, 07:31:30 PM »

Hi Im new here and i would discuss with you about the fact of giving drugs to pets

I actually began a thrumbo farm with, bought a femal, tamed a male and let hem make the job
I use my males to fight with my melee fighters, thats a good pet to fight, they can easily tank, with a teleport spell they are easy to handle and do a ton of damage. But. They are some of kind weak about healing injuries. My best and older one Horace got some scares on brain (and eyes (and body)), make it capable to use only half of this and get now only 50% consciousness usage, make him a bit useless in fight, only moves at 50% maxspeed, 50% handling and 80% of sight, he is only good for carry things now and at 50% move speed, he sometimes fall asleep while carrying cause it takes for him too long to go and I am sad for him. More, this is the linked pet of my queen lady and she now must fight alone without his best friend

That was the story

Im wondering about giving him some luciferium, it heals one injury every 15-30 days, Horace has 7 injuries with 2 on brain, also give him a chance to totaly heal up his brain in 30 days with luck and get him ready to fight and I would not worry about futur injuries he would have with.

Luci is some kind easily to get with monay and a good merchant traveler so thats not the problem, the problem is more about how pet manage their addiction, do they take it alone when they need it or should I must give him his fix every 6 days ? Do they waste sometimes drugs by taking it to earlier or to later too ? What about letting hem into cryptosleep caskets and only use hem for fight, cause I only need a lucky male in ground to impregnate the female and also save my luci and my food ? What if I dope hem with Go Juice and Luci in same time, I mean can they become addict to go juice too and how this addiction is managed without mood effect ?

Ive one more question too about "bed management for pet", is there a mod which allow us to attribute a pet box to a specific animal, I can manage this with zone restriction for the moment but thats not "perfect"

I really think to make a chief tamer with 5 or more thrumbos on drug for fight instance, the chief with a teleport spell and max spyfocus stuff. Giving with this to every others pawns a sniper to support them but I don't know if this idea is such great or not

Tell me if you already have try some luci on pets

Thank you and sorry for my bad english, I am french :3