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  • August 17, 2022, 05:36:47 AM
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Author Topic: "Breaking news" : Star Surgeon Brutaly banned from space station NAKED!  (Read 1178 times)

Orange Gaming

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Hey there! I've started a Let's Play about 2,5 weeks ago. The goal is 2 episodes per week, and every episode is an in-game week. So that's basically an in-game mont per week. Episode 01 till 06 are live now, this is my first let's play, so if you think the first one sucks, please check nr six if quality is improving.

In short: Doc has an interesting career, but due to some questionable experiments she got banned to the nearest Rimworld. She was sent there naked without any materials, and she landed in the boreal forest during the fall. Winter is coming and a quick death was expected. However, driven by revenge, Doc does everything to survive.

Check it out if you want. I do listen to comments, and episode 7 I'm implementing some tips such as:
Adjust audio sound level, smoother transitions, less fast forwarding and such.

Orange Gaming: Let's Play Rimworld Naked Brutality Tribal start: