More specific medication sorting for types of injuries.

Started by zeebo76, December 06, 2020, 03:02:40 AM

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If someone gets a bruise, I don't want to treat them with glitter tech medicine, but if someone gets their leg cut off I don't want to treat them with herbal medicine - I'd like to see a more specific sorting system for medication in use for injuries.  A list kind of like the "work" tab but for sorting what kind of medicine you want to use for what kind of injuries, and for what specific colonists.  Got a cut?  Yeah, we'll use some industrial tech medicine on that, colonist 1.  Got a bruise?  Herbal medicine will do just fine, colonist 3.  How about an infection?  Depending on who the colonist is, I'd want to use glitterworld medicine or industrial...  For my count (royalty DLC), glitter all the way, but for someone who just sweeps floors, it'd be industrial.  It's annoying to manually swap back and forth all the time depending on the injury.

Of course, the tiers of medication you select will all say "industrial tech...  or worse" just in case you don't have that tier of medicine available.

That's the general idea I had anyway.  Hope it's good.