Colonists having dreams

Started by zeebo76, December 10, 2020, 05:56:07 PM

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There should be a random chance for colonists to have dreams throughout their sleeping hours.  Normally the chance of dreams is somewhere in the range of 1 out of 10-20 nights.  So every 10-20 nights they might have a dream.  I can imagine dreams being connected to psychic ability in Rimworld lore, since they happen in the mind - that would give some extra buffs/debuffs to psychic traits like deaf/hypersensitive, where the chance of dreams for those traits would be decreased/increased depending on the trait.  Deaf pawns would never dream, where hypersensitive pawns would dream often, so it would be important to keep them happier.

The types of dream a colonist should also be influenced by their mood at the time they go to sleep.  At ~50% mood dreams could be either good or bad.  At low moods it would mostly be bad dreams with a chance of a NIGHTMARE, and at high moods dreams would mostly be good, with a chance of LUCID dreams.

Dreams could have multiple different outcomes, from very bad to very good depending on whether they have a nightmare or a good dream, respectively.

For example -

The mood buff "Good Dream" would give +5 to mood for a few hours after waking, the description being something like "I had a good dream last night.  Just thinking about it makes me smile." 

The mood debuff "Bad Dream" might give -5 mood and read something like "I had a bad dream last night - just thinking about it makes me shudder." 

The mood debuff "Nightmares" would give -10 for a few hours and read "I had a HORRIBLE dream last night...  I can't get it out of my head!" 

The mood buff "Lucid Dreams" would give +10 and read "I had the best dream last night...  I never wanted to leave!"

In addition, there could be a psycast used to influence dreams, automatically giving the colonist a dream of a specific type when they sleep next, with the properly accredited mood buff/debuff happening when they wake.


Another small idea:  Colonists who are currently dreaming could have an icon above their head like the classic cartoon "idea" bubble, to let the player know they're dreaming.

IN ADDITION, colonists who get interrupted while dreaming could have a debuff for their dream being interrupted.  "I wanted to see how it ended!"  It would be VERY slight, like -1 for a few hours.


Great idea!
Even high level psychics could have visions in their dreams. As i think story tellers, know when is next event and what's its nature.
And poor mood of psychic causing nightmares for other colonists was amazing too.
I'm going to start modding for rim; and searching for an project to contribute or start a simple one by my own. This looks simple enough for me.


Some more ideas:
Pawns with high psychic sensitivity can have "prophetic dreams" or "farsights dreams".

Prophetic dreams describe an event that is supposed to happen: Raid, Coldsnap, Heatwave, Toxic Fallout, Solar Flare, Eclipse, etc. This prophecy can be true, or not. If it is true - the event will happen in the next few days. So you have some extra room to prepare, but this might end up being just a dream.

Farsight Dream generate a spot on the map that is supposed to have treasure in it which is described in a quest-like window. You can dismiss the dream at once, or keep it. If you caravan there, and if you have the pawn who dreamed of this place in the caravan, you can interact with the spot that will iether generate the encounter with the treasure (and potentially a threat) or it reveals the dream to be only a dream, giving all pawnd in the caravan "Wild goose chase" negative mood buff.