Chance for damaged/deteriorated guns/mortar shells to malfunction

Started by zeebo76, December 11, 2020, 04:29:06 AM

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If a firearm or its ammunition becomes damaged, it only makes sense for there to be a chance for the firearm or its ammunition to malfunction.  I think it would provide more incentive for the player to keep their firearms in good working order if the more damaged their firearms became, the more likely it would be for the gun to misfire or suffer a catastrophic malfunction.  This includes mortars, which while not having the same method of firing, can still easily suffer malfunctions of outwardly similar effect if left in disrepair.

Examples of these malfunctions would be a "jam", or simply, "misfire".  The malfunctions would cause several different effects based mostly upon the condition of the gun but also upon an RNG system that becomes more harsh as condition decreases.

From best to worst case -

With a "dud", the firearm would apparently fire a weak/under-loaded round and either fall short of the target or do 50% reduced damage/armor penetration.

With a "jam", the shooter would suffer a delay in attacking while they clear the jammed round.

With a simple "misfire", the firearm would become additionally damaged AND the shooter would suffer a momentary delay in attacking while clearing the jammed round.

With a "catastrophic misfire", the firearm would completely explode, destroying the firearm and in addition harming the shooter.  They could suffer a wound to the eye, the jaw, the neck, the nose, or potentially even the shoulder.

These effects would come into play with mortars both in the HP of the mortar itself and the condition of the shells.  A lower HP mortar is damaged and more likely to malfunction in various ways, and the same goes for the mortar's shells - of any kind.  Malfunctions would be roughly similar to the aforementioned handheld firearm malfunctions, except the effects of a catastrophic misfire would be far, far worse...

Of course, these malfunctions would happen far less on low difficulties than they would on high difficulties, and the effects OF the malfunctions might be lessened as well.

EDIT:  Just thought of this.  Colonists with higher skills (a combination of shooting and crafting) would be able to negate these malfunctions by a percentage.  An extremely skilled colonist would probably not suffer any malfunctions at all on a highly damaged weapon.  This is because they'd be able to spot any defects/dangerous situations before they have a chance to literally blow up in their face.


The general idea with this is to even more strongly encourage players to take care of their weapons - it's Rimworld, a harsh and inhospitable frontier where many do, and will, live and die by the gun.  A firearm is one's survival in many cases - keeping bandits and thugs away from you, your fellow colonists, and everything you stand to lose if would-be thieves and murderers are allowed free purchase.

To put it in a more condensed way - if bad man want to hurty and gun make itself into a thousand tiny little pieces, it would teach a valuable lesson about firearms maintenance.  :)

This actually brings to mind another idea - being able to maintain/repair guns, and perhaps other things too.  Hmm...