Colonists using their (allowed) "burning passion" work types as recreation time.

Started by zeebo76, December 12, 2020, 06:11:56 PM

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People passionate about their work in real life often find working to be cathartic and enjoyable - much like it's described in-game.  Working could be added as a non-required addition to recreation types - it wouldn't be NEEDED, and colonists not fulfilling their "work" recreation time wouldn't reduce their total recreation time or impact their happiness, but colonists who DO have "work" recreation time would enjoy it greatly and it would fill their recreation meter without increasing their tolerances for anything else.

Basically, people who love what they do can easily use it as recreation from time to time, and I think that should be represented in Rimworld.  It would reward using colonists for what their passions are, essentially giving buffs for keeping them doing what they love.

They would only have "work" recreation time if they have a BURNING passion for something, AND are ALLOWED/ASSIGNED to do those things, and that "work" recreation time would ONLY happen during recreation hours.