Bigger shuttle/shuttle pad for large shipments/jobs

Started by zeebo76, December 14, 2020, 06:34:01 PM

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I just finished a mission that required me to send off 50 colonists to attack a bandit camp...  And everyone squeezed into the same old 3x2 shuttle!  It made little to no sense.

IN ADDITION, seeing that happen gave me a few ideas.

In Rimworld, we build a landing pad of at least 9x9 size, and a single type of shuttle will land on it.  It works, but...  This can be expanded upon to allow for game progression.

What if Rimworld were to have size requirements for landing pads so that on those LARGE jobs (like the aforementioned 50 colonist raid) a larger type of shuttle would land?  If you don't have a large enough pad you can't take the job you've been offered, because the shuttle can't land on the pad, and these new types of shuttles NEED a pad.  For the small jobs (max 6 colonists, for the 2x3 shuttle) you can take those even without a pad.

This also opens up the possibility for landing pad mechanisms, like an unloading dock for cargo ships.

Just an idea.